2202, 2015

DIY Facial Mask + Late Night Rambling

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If you’d like to spend a few minutes creating a clean, tight and “oh so lovely” complexion, this DIY facial mask is one I love and apply a few times per week.  But first, as always, there’s a back story …

I enjoy visiting my local urban gardens as I meet interesting people and learn new […]

802, 2015


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As we gear up to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day please be forewarned, I’m a fool for love.  In all its glory.  When I was young my mom often said “you’re just in love with love” and unquestionably, I am.  I’m known to swoon (and at times weep) if I see elders holding hands.

Kindness, love and […]

3101, 2015

Spiritual Bathing & Caring for Ourselves

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This post is from my current article sent to subscribers.  It’s lovely, please enjoy.  If you’d like to receive these posts and monthly specials, please sign up for my newsletter at

Due to numerous requests to relieve dry, itchy winter skin I decided to re-launch “Friday Night Specials”. These posts were originally offered as DIY […]

612, 2014

Organic Plant Oils for Thick, Healthy Hair

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My mom always said “persistence pays off” and without question, it does.

Although this remedy is straightforward and easy to apply, one must be consistent to reap its benefits. Keep in mind that the condition you may want to remedy (thinning or dry, lifeless hair) did not happen overnight nor will the results happen overnight. What […]

412, 2014

Thoughtful Consumerism

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I’ve always loved nature. I value its beauty and nourishment and depend on the natural world for my personal well-being and my ability to offer an organic, pure plant based skincare line.

As we witness the corporate and chemical pollution of our natural resources, the extinction of wildlife and the exploitation of Indigenous lands, I’m surprised […]

410, 2014

Benefits of Raw, Unrefined, Virgin Coconut Oil & Celtic Sea Salt®

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Benefits of Raw, Unrefined, Virgin Coconut Oil
Volumes have been written on the nutritional benefits of Raw Coconut Oil due to its fiber and nutritional content. Coconut Oil can be taken internally as a food source (try a tablespoon in a smoothie, with sauteed’ veggies or in morning Oatmeal) or applied topically for skin health due […]

1807, 2014

Relocating + New Offerings

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On a personal note, I would like to thank you all for your continued support and appreciation of my offerings over the years and for your patience with my recent lack of bi-monthly newsletters.  Moving home, business and ancestral memories from New York to Florida took much more than I anticipated and quite frankly, the […]

905, 2014

Plant Based & Prescriptive Interventions

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For those who may be unfamiliar with the direct healing ability of plant material, I have a personal experience to share regarding the effectiveness of botanical interventions and the remarkable healing ability of Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) and my formula “Comfrey Facial Cream”.

A quick side note on Comfrey (belonging to the Borage family): “its leaves are […]

1904, 2014

A Day in the Life of Miami Public Transport

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Rest assured dear readership, this post has nothing to do with organic skincare or recipes to keep skin supple and soft ~ it’s a “late night rambling” on my part sharing moments that keep a smile on my face due to people I meet along my  way.   This post covers one bus ride on the […]

1204, 2014

“Oil Pulling”

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Although “Oil Pulling” is new to me, numerous people have spoken of its benefits (whitening teeth, removing plaque, healing receding gum lines, increased energy, reduced flu symptoms) so of course,  I’m game.
I googled “Oil Pulling” and it appears to have originated in the Ayurvedic tradition (using Sesame oil) but most people are “pulling” with Coconut […]