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As previously noted, I enjoy reading books from various cultures to learn of their unique beauty rituals.  Other than the wisdom gleaned from these books, I'm always pleasantly surprised to find that their interventions, as well as their implements, are sourced from the Natural world. Many years ago when I first began to experiment with formulating Botanical Skincare, I was impressed by the tag line of one of the first Natural lines to hit the market, “before there was The Beauty Industry there was Nature”.  As I have always been deeply aligned with Nature, this resonated with me.  I felt someone was finally speaking the truth.  At the time, this person and his company were speaking the truth.  His understanding led the way to a change of consciousness and heightened awareness for the concerned consumer.  Unfortunately, many less ethical companies soon got on “the natural” band-wagon and began to sell us their hype, backed by products that were “far from natural”.  Their hype has hurt us. As a small company working ethically, Botanical skincare and the protection of our Natural resources are my passion and my work.  I’m educated and adept at what is “authentic” and what “hype” is.  How to discern?  First and foremost, as women we are blessed with intuition / our gut feelings.  Before purchasing (anything) consider if the advertisement & product resonates with you, or does it make you feel “less than”?  Inquire about the ethics of the company, what they support and protect.  Call the company and speak with a person - do they understand their product (and sourcing) or are they trying to manipulate and “sell you”?  You will know in a heart-beat, trust that. As women, we now possess tremendous purchasing power.  We are also intelligent, compassionate and powerful and have become "a mighty force to be reckoned with".   Let's use this power wisely.  We have the ability to diminish corporations that don't serve our highest good, and the highest good of our resources.  Yes indeed, we hold this power.  Consider this power before any purchase and we will create the benevolent world that we all wish to live in.  Of this I have no doubt. Personally, it has taken me many, many years to find the authentic, ethical sources for the raw ingredients that I use to formulate Mountain Spirit Botanicals.  For me, as well as my suppliers, there is no compromise on ethics.  It is both a pleasure, and honor, to do business with them.  I'm awed by their integrity.  In all cases, we support “Fair Trade; Organic and Sustainable practices; donate to organizations protecting our Natural resources; maintain offices at zero waste; power with wind; support Women’s Co-operatives in Africa”.  (Remember, most natural ingredients come from a “far and distant land”, not a factory or laboratory).  The precious Botanicals that keep our skin "supple & soft” are cultivated by farmers - mostly women, working by hand - "Fair Trade" ensures they earn a decent living and are able to send their child to school.  Know your sources, support only what serves everyone's highest good.

As women, let's also remember "beauty is an industry" - a multi-billion dollar industry - we are its target.  We're smarter than that.  Besides supporting ethical, Natural skincare companies, here are wise words for maintaining beauty from Japanese elders ...


As you grow older, don’t envy the fresh blossoms of spring

Eat the peels, rinds & skins of (organic) fruits & vegetables

Too much makeup pollutes the skin

Be in love

Don’t sit around worrying

Control your desires.  Don’t always want what you don’t have

A beautiful old woman is beautiful because her mind & spirit are wise & graceful

Accept your age & the changes in your beauty

Don’t complain; don’t be envious; don’t be irritated

Enjoy lovemaking

Elise Muller, Proprietor / Artisan Mountain Spirit Botanicals

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