And here's to a New Year!

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Before I move on to what's new and exciting at Mountain Spirit I want to wish you a wonderful New Year, one filled with peace, vibrant health and the wish that all you dream of and aspire to, be yours.

As previously noted I've taken the last month to work "behind the scenes" and revitalize the Facial oils, introduce new traditionally crafted plant oils from South Africa and debut Sage Blossom Facial Oil (which I'm addicted to) and we've also designed new labels with the help of my favorite Graphic Artist Angie Beney who I'd be lost without.  Due to numerous factors I'm also able to reduce cost on all formulas!

As to the new oils, each hold high levels of fatty acids and vitamins and proven to penetrate the deep layer of the dermis which hydrates and locks in moisture.  A few of the benefits listed on these oils are: "reduce wrinkling & scarring; reduces DNA damage & level of free radicals in cells; helps with red spots & scarring".  I've incorporated these oils into the re-vamped Mountain Rose Facial Oil (now offered in 1/ounce) and Sage Blossom Facial Oil and I trust you will be as pleased as I am with the results.

Besides the nutritional value of these new oils, what I particularly love is their beautiful "slip" (the texture it leaves on the skin) and I feel its barrier (non-greasy / non clogging) and how it protects my skin from the elements.   

I invite you to try the new formulas

Warm regards,

Elise Muller, Proprietor / Artisan

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