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For those following my shenanigans you know that I’ve been canning Apples for weeks (and due to Vickie’s insightful questions) these are my observations on “sprayed” (vs.) “unsprayed” … The apples that “fell from the tree, unsellable, unsprayed” were far superior to the “A” listed variety that was “lightly sprayed”. Side note on unsellable – “once food hits the ground a farmer or food producer can’t sell it”. (Personally, I find this law odd because doesn’t food grow from the ground)? However, the unsprayed variety produced “a full bodied Applesauce with a Rosy hue and flavor divine”. The lightly sprayed variety produced “a good batch, although lacking color and sweetness”. My take? Speculative considering that I’m not a Chemist, but my intuition tells me the light chemical spraying altered the Cellular structure of the fruit and inhibited its full, unrestricted essence to come to fruition. My suggestion? It’s Harvest time, the frost is almost on the Pumpkin, gather as much fruit (that hit the ground) and ‘git while the ‘gitten is good”. And observe what the squirrels are doing... Chemicals kill bugs (which I believe to be beneficial) but they also kill the essence of life. Our food; our water; you name it, Chemicals kill it. What are we left with after we’ve killed the essence of life? In killing bugs with Chemicals we are also killing the Bees, Birds and Butterflies that come to our Fruit and Flowers to pollinate our world. Without this "divine order" we would have no garden; no food; no beauty. Imagine a world without that … What is your choice, the “essence of a life” or Chemicals? As always, the choice is yours... Peace, Elise Muller, Proprietor / Artisan Mountain Spirit Botanicals

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