Bird Watching and Birds' Kissing

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Yes, birds kiss.  I observed this for the first time just the other day.  (It should be noted that I am a romantic and any sign of tenderness holds me captive).   For reasons unbeknownst to me, Cardinals prefer to eat seeds on the ground (vs.) at the feeder, so I always throw a handful of seeds on the lawn for them.  Both the male and female were on the ground, independently eating /pecking seeds from the grasses when every now and again, the male would hop over to the female and feed her a seed.  She received it, ate it, and their beaks remained together for a few seconds “kissing” each other.  They returned to their own spot, independently eating when suddenly the female hopped over to the male and fed him a seed, he ate it, and their beaks remained together “kissing” for a few seconds.  This went on for about 10 minutes until (I imagine) their bellies and hearts were full and they flew away to continue their love affair without my observation. Watching the Cardinals reminded me of times that I shared “a little nibble of food” with my beloved while eating.  (As we know, that’s pretty heady stuff).   So many senses are engaged that it’s difficult to focus on the food – but what I do remember, is the feeling of soft lips meeting soft lips in gratitude, backed by the taste of whatever food might be passing those lips.   Oh my … To know that the Cardinals shared this experience filled my heart and made me realize, again, that we’re all the same.  We just have different shapes, colors and sizes … some of us have wings and some of us don’t.  But we all have hearts … This much I know to be true

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