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I'm not quite sure where September went but considering it disappeared, this month I'm offering two discounted formulas to make up for the lost September.

Before I detail a wonderful skin care ingredient that's in most of our refrigerators, I'd like to note that Carrot Seed Replenishing Oil will continue to be discounted throughout the month of October along with Coconut Kukui Cleansing Balm.

Carrot Seed Replenishing Oil is one of my favorites and has been selling out so I suggest that if you haven't tried this "aging gracefully" formula yet, now is the time to reap its benefits at a discounted price.

Coconut Kukui Cleansing Balm is a multi-faceted blend and may be used to remove makeup, as a daily cleanser and moisturizer.  If you travel this goes through security (2/ounce) and is all you need for skin care.

DIY & Butter: As some may know, I volunteer at my local Senior Center each week and last week there was an elder woman I hadn't seen before and it so happened that on her visit that day I had prepared one of my Floral Tisanes that the staff likes and one I also share with the elders. Margaret is the woman's name and I was drawn to her – she was dressed impeccably and layered in Sterling silver and Turquoise jewelry so I went over to introduce myself and unbeknownst to me she had tasted my Tisane and said “I can tell you're into Health related things” and I said “Yes, I am” and she said “let me tell you about butter, it will heal that sun damage on your complexion”. As a Leo I love the sun and worshiped it for over 30/years under Miami sun and unquestionably, I have sun freckles (but if truth be told, those years of sunbathing on hidden beaches were glorious) and as my Dad often said to me “if you want to dance you have to pay the fiddler” and I am most certainly paying the fiddler's price for many years of dancing under the Florida sun - years worth every penny I've paid the fiddler. ...

Margaret is close to her 80's with beautiful skin and told me that she does nightly “butter baths” (no, that's beyond my commitment to butter) and explained that she places plastic sheeting on her bed, slathers herself in butter, wraps herself up and turns the heater up to 100/degrees while relishing in her “butter bath”. Every night. Although I wasn't interested in a full bath I tried butter on my complexion and low and behold after only two days the dark spots diminished quite a bit! So each evening for the past week I've been applying butter to my skin and I will most certainly keep you posted and do let me know if anyone reading this does the full Monty “butter bath”.

Below are the medicinal qualities of butter and two YouTube videos that I googled to search “traditional uses of butter in skincare”. Oh. Margaret said it must be “unsalted butter” at room temperature and then inquired what I thought of the old quote “are you trying to butter me up”? Butter up baby.

Butter contains: Vitamins A, D, K & E as well as essential minerals Manganese, Chromium, Iodine, Zinc, Copper and Selenium

YouTube Videos on Traditional Uses of Butter



Side Note: for those who enjoy Sweet Meadows (in the gorgeous Green bottle) my supplier has discontinued this bottle while switching to another manufacturer and the Green bottle will not be available until mid-October and this blend will be packaged in a Cobalt blue bottle until the Green bottle is available.

Warm regards,

Elise Muller, Proprietor / Artisan


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