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After formulating pure botanical skincare for over 25/years I’ve decided that it’s time to “semi-retire” Mountain Spirit Botanicals so I may focus on other aspects of Plant spirit and Plant medicine, endeavors that I look forward to.   Creating natural skincare has been an enormous joy, one that has drawn me close to the natural world and those who tend it. Working alongside gardens, wildlife and organic plant material I’ve learned to be silent while observing nature in order to understand its seasons and its nuances. Indeed, my work has been a blessing.   During these years I’ve met and procured from organic farmers and Indigenous cultures worldwide who work ethically (against enormous odds) to provide vital plant material for our well-being and the well-being of our resources; I’m continually awed by their ethics and it’s been a pleasure and honor to have worked with such caring and noble organizations.   Although I will soon be eliminating numerous products, due to my beloved long time customers (many of you reading this have been with me since day 1) I will continue to formulate and offer your favorite products. If a product you love is not featured it’s due to its high cost of ingredients and in most cases will only be available @ wholesale (6/each) at 50% of retail price.   I will no longer offer articles on DIY skincare tips or feature monthly specials; however, due to many people inquiring “how do you do that” I’m considering offering a mentoring program to assist new Herbalists (and gardeners) in their endeavors. If you are interested in working with me I’d love to hear from you. The world needs you and we all have something unique to offer … I’d be pleased to help you and share with you my understandings.   I thank you all for your patronage and loving support over the years … I’m here if you have any questions regarding the “semi-retirement” of Mountain Spirit Botanicals. I will be eliminating many products this month and editing the website … now would be a good time for you to stock up on products that may no longer be available.   Important Side note: As noted, I have worked for over 25/years to source and procure the finest and most ethical ingredients needed to formulate a 100% plant based organic and Vegan skincare line. During these years I have gone through many “trials and errors” both in formulating and sourcing and I am proud of my suppliers and the formulas that I’ve created. In my years of formulating I have never subscribed to catch phrase or manipulative advertising or featured the “newest and greatest” ingredient promoted by the “beauty industry” … I stay with what works, what is time honored. I hold my work close to heart and to the right person I am willing to sell my recipes and sources and mentor you in how best to work with plant material and my formulas. If you are interested I’d be happy to discuss the sale of Mountain Spirit with you. If interested please send your bio and intentions to with the subject line “I’m interested”.   Warm regards, Elise

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