"Chit Chat" - Quiet Times with People We Love

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I have a fondness for the phrase “Chit Chat.”  It was one my mother, Carolina, used often.   During the times we spent together she would often turn to me and say “let’s chit chat awhile”.  “Chit Chat” meant “Let’s sit and converse; speak of children and grandchildren; of times gone by; of times to come; sit with me and share memories and dreams”.   Share with me your life … Carolina and I didn’t know then, that our “chit chat” sessions and that precious year we spent together would be her last.  I was blessed to know her.  To be able to call Carolina “mom” is what I often refer to as a “tender mercy.”  The moments in life where we know that we’ve been blessed. It is spring here in the mountains – a place my friend Rosanna, from Rome, refers to as “the country of your mother”.   The Daffodils my mother planted many years ago are now in bloom.  I weed her garden and speak to her through ancient memories held sacred.  “Did you fuss with the same rock?  Did the Groundhog eat your early plantings?  Did frost come in April?  Why did you allow them to pave the road”?  I am connected to my mother now through her gardens and “chit chat” sessions spoken to weeds, rocks and Daffodils.  Tender mercies … My original intent of this “newsletter” was simply to thank you ladies for subscribing.  As I began to write and thank you, “Something got a hold on me” (remember, in your “subscription” you also subscribed to “late evening ramblings” and this is most certainly, one of them).  I’ve just been missing Carolina, now that her Daffodils are up … As a business woman, I don’t like getting “numerous mailings” from companies that I’ve subscribed to.  My intent with Mountain Spirit Botanicals newsletter is to mail out a “once a month” newsletter to keep customers up to date of my shenanigans, as well as my specials.  I am also open to your questions; if there is a topic that you would like me to address, please ask and I’ll do my best to answer your questions or “weave a story.” You can write to me directly, or through my blog, found at the home page where you can place comments, questions, etc.   Newsletters will only be sent out monthly - if you would like additional information (and entertainment) on my articles or “late night ramblings” check the blog at homepage. As a final note, if for only one day, we all ignore “text messages, emails, twitter, Face book, cell phones, computers, etc.,” and spend quiet time “chit chatting” with the ones’ we hold close to heart, without question, we will come to know  “Tender Mercies.” Thank you again for your subscription and for your support of my work.  We’re still getting some “kinks” out of the new site, your patience and support is sincerely appreciated. Elise Muller, Proprietor / Artisan

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