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Comfrey has come up in the garden, abundant with tender leaves and healing properties. I’ve worked these plants for numerous years – composting from my bin, carefully cutting back and harvesting, visiting each plant early mornings to whisper words of encouragement and to give thanks for the blessings they bestow. As some of you know, May is also the month that I celebrate my daughter’s birth. When Lily was young I began an in-depth study of plants and the numerous ways to work with their medicinal qualities. Mountain Spirit Botanicals is one result of my endeavors to explore the wisdom of our Natural world. I will tell you (in short) how Mountain Spirit came about. Although it is a long story, one that has evolved over our years together, it began when Lily was born and I first held her. Most of us have held a new born child; their skin is beautiful and their spirit is wide open, susceptible to whatever comes their way. In holding my new-born I resolved to never let anything touch her skin that wasn’t as pure as she was … thus the beginnings of Mountain Spirit. In turning to the Natural world our lives have been enriched. In more ways than I can express. Mountain Spirit is a gift from Lily and I ~ it has been my hope that our products would heighten awareness to the abundance offered by our Natural world, and that we become thoughtful stewards of our precious resources. To give thanks and to celebrate the blossoming of Comfrey and Lily, Comfrey Facial Cream (3/ounce) will be offered for $25.00 throughout the month of May. Comfrey Facial Cream is an exceptional ally for dry, sensitive complexions. (As noted in a previous newsletter, “back in the day” Comfrey Root was used in the curing process to soften leather). If Comfrey has the ability to soften leather, imagine what it offers to our complexions.  Blessings to be sure … Elise Muller, Proprietor / Artisan Mountain Spirit Botanicals

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