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This newsletter is with appreciation for Joyce, a long time customer who has encouraged me during times I’ve wanted to quit; supported my endeavors; appreciates my offerings (and won’t let me discontinue “Comfrey Healing Cream”). “Comfrey leaves are fused to the stem (a sign to old botanists of Comfrey’s determination, a gesture expressing its cohesive power).  To the human body, this means it can join back together what has come apart - a great remedy for broken bones and tissue damage.  Comfrey contains Silicic acid which has a firming effect on the hair, skin and nails.  Another substance found in Comfrey is Allantoin, a natural treatment for wounds. “Medicine of the Earth” by Suzanne Fischer-Rizzi Joyce loves “Comfrey Healing Cream” and so do I.  Unfortunately, as we seem to be the only ones enjoying this formula, I discontinued it.  Joyce called to inquire if I was making this cream again and I replied “no”.   Soon after Joyce’s request Comfrey bloomed in my garden and I observed “a zillion Bees” in its blossoms.   As I’m a sucker for Bees and Joyce I made a batch and we are both now in “Comfrey bliss” (as is Shelly, my friend with “trashed skin”).  Shelly has sensitive, stressed skin and being my friend, she also received a fresh batch of Comfrey.  Overnight Comfrey soothed Shelly’s skin; within days Comfrey diminished Joyce’s “spider veins” and my skin, from years of “sun and gardening” is soft and lovely. Yes, I understand how to work with Plant medicine but credit for this formula goes to Comfrey and the vast offerings that Nature provides for us.  Without the Plant world I could not formulate Botanical skincare that heals and rejuvenates our skin and assists our overall well-being. The benefits of Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) are noted when Comfrey Root or Leaf are applied externally or by ingesting them as a tincture or infusion.   As most people don’t have Comfrey growing in their garden, please know that I carefully harvest and infuse Comfrey leaves to formulate “Comfrey Healing Cream” and I believe its medicinal qualities are intact. Comfrey grows in my garden for only a few months; depending on climate I may get two, perhaps three, harvests per season.   I hand-harvest the finest leaves to formulate “Comfrey Healing Cream” and my suggestion is “Get while the getting is good”… “Comfrey Healing Cream” lists @ $36.00 and is now offered as my current special @ $32.00. With daily use this exceptional moisturizer lasts approximately 4/weeks - less than a cup of coffee per day.   (Who says “organic is expensive”)? Elise Muller, Proprietor / Artisan

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  • Would you consider selling this again? I too was a fan of this cream gifted to me by a mutual friend, Miriam, in Miami. I’ve never come across anything like it again. If you don’t plan on making this again, would you consider sharing the recipe?
    I have sensitive skin and this cream was so healing for me. Thank you!

    Yazmin Valdes on

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