Daffodils ~ Mangoes ~ March Special

Although spring has yet to unfurl her glory, after a long winter with windows and doors shuttered and numerous layers of clothing, you can imagine my excitement with seeing the green tips of Daffodils in my garden!

Daffodils represent (as Maya Angelou writes) “one more time”.  Although Maya was referring to love, the sentiment works for Daffodils and the promise of spring, one more time. Daffodils also hold a personal memory; on the first day of spring my father would always bring my mother a bouquet of Daffodils.  I never fully understood his offering because he was not by nature a sentimental man; however, I knew by his bouquet (and my mother’s swooning) that Daffodils held power.  Perhaps it was observing this bouquet that set my course to study the spiritual and medicinal qualities of plants?  I like to think so. Although I currently live in the mountains I am a Tropical woman at heart.  I don’t like to wear shoes, I prefer flimsy cotton dresses and I adore humidity, salty oceans and Tropical fruits ~ which brings me to my monthly special ~ “Mango Blossom Moisturizer”.  I love Mangoes and created this blend to pay homage to Tropical climates and to the nourishment and beauty these climates provide. Mango Blossom is a light, penetrating moisturizer formulated with Botanical nutrients closely resembling “sebum”, the oil our skin naturally produces to heal & protect itself.

This blend is also exceptional for shaving - it gives a close shave, protects the skin from razor burn and bumps, nourishes the complexion and leaves your ‘fella with a scent that makes you want to kiss.  (I attest to that).  Numerous women have also stopped “waxing” as Mango Blossom gives a smoother, closer shave.  If you're searching for “paradise in a bottle”, this one’s for you!


100% Pure, Organic Botanical ingredients: Mango Butter; Shea Nut Butter; Macadamia Nut Oil; Kukui Nut Oil; Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Avocado Oil; Sesame Oil; Essential oils of French Lavender, Vietnamese Basil and Cinnamon; Indonesian Benzoin.


Discounted throughout March to celebrate "one more time"

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