Fare-Thee-Well (to certain products)

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Yes, as promised I will continue making your favorite formulas and keep the website live; however, as noted in my previous email I will be downsizing the amount of formulas that I craft so I'm able to focus on other aspects of Plant Spirit and Plant Medicine. Many of you reading this have enjoyed the following items (Facial Toners,  Hydrosols & Nourishing Breast Oil) but within two weeks they will no longer be offered / I will stop infusing them.  If these are items that you've enjoyed, now is the time to stock up while inventory lasts.  I have limited availability on each product.
The following items are Vegan / Organic & crafted by hand, with heart
http://mountain-spirit-botanicals.com/shop/elder-flower-toner/ http://mountain-spirit-botanicals.com/shop/may-blossom-toner/ http://mountain-spirit-botanicals.com/shop/floral-waters/ http://mountain-spirit-botanicals.com/shop/breast-oil/ As noted previously, I'll be sending out fewer newsletters but know that I'm here for you if you have any requests or questions. Warm regards, Elise

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