February DIY - The Many Uses for Pomade!

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Considering Pomade is being featured, this month's DIY will reveal how I've used Pomade and how my hair (and other body parts) benefited from its plant-based nutrients.

While living in the mountains of NYS winters got very, very cold - so cold that I didn't want to go outside or wash my hair which resulted in “my winter love affair with woolen caps” which graciously hid bad hair days while conditioning my hair.  

If you live in cold climates or wear hats here's my advice: brush your hair (mom told me 100 strokes), apply Pomade to dry hair, go to sleep, wake up, brush again, wear a hat and go face the winter in your “heat cap”.  Whenever you feel like shampooing (come Spring) your hair will be soft and lovely and deeply conditioned. Pomade is also beneficial for skincare.  After showering, before bedtime, I'd massage into my feet, put on natural fiber socks and go to sleep and wake to soft, lovely feet.  The same with mittens or gloves, apply before putting on gloves and your hands will be nourished and softened. Customers have also put Pomade on their kid's face before sledding, skiing, etc., and the natural ingredients protect the skin from harsh climates.

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