Floral Hydrosols

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Through the kindness and grace of an exceptional distiller, I am once again offering her exquisite hydrosols.  Although these precious “waters” have not been a good seller at Mountain Spirit Botanicals, personally speaking, “I cannot live without them”. Although hydrosols are usually “the by-product” of plant material that has been distilled for its essential oil, what makes these hydrosols unique is the plant material has been distilled specifically for the hydrosol.  These plants (cultivated on 280 acres of certified organic forest, grasslands and garden) are distilled only once per year.   A heart-felt endeavor to be sure … Due to limited availability I will not be listing these hydrosols on my website … they are available only through special order and payments can be made direct through PayPal or by sending a check.  Please call before ordering to ascertain availability (845-246-1813).

The following are available in 2/ounce “spritz” @ $8.00 + $4.00 shipping = $12.00

Calendula ~ Lemon Thyme ~ Rose Hip ~ Tulsi

For PayPal: “send payment” to mountain_spirit@earthlink.net For check: payable to Elise Muller (address supplied if needed) Warm regards, Elise Muller, Proprietor / Artisan Mountain Spirit Botanicals

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