For The Love of Mangos

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Hello there …

If you've ever tasted a Mango, freshly plucked from a tree & warmed by the sun then you've also had a “Mango hallelujah moment”. I was young, moved to Homestead, Florida and wound up on an Avocado & Mango orchid (alongside a road made of crushed seashells). We named our dog Mango.

Years later as I began to formulate plant based skin care I discovered there was actually an ingredient “Mango butter”, processed from the seed and abundant with essential fatty acids (our bodies don't produce essential fatty acids they have to come from our food or what we apply as a moisturizer) and the chemical makeup of Mango Butter closely resembles “sebum”, the oil our body produces to heal and protect itself

I miss living in Miami, especially during Mango season and to celebrate this amazing fruit Mango Blossom Moisturizer will be on sale throughout July. Side note: heartfelt thanks to my friend Conchetta who sent me a box of Mangos … I went to Mango heaven. Quite a few times. If any friend sends me a box of Mangos (not store bought), my gift to you is Mango Blossom Moisturizer. 'nuff said

As with all fruits, their season is both abundant and short lived so 'git while the 'gitten is good. Here in southern California we're picking Peaches, Nectarines and Figs (my neighbor has an organic garden loaded with seasonal bounties) and fresh picked anything, warmed by the sun is truly heaven on earth.

Mango Blossom is formulated using only 100% organic plant based ingredients and a select blend of pure essential oils, and yes, it would be grand if my computer had a “scratch and sniff” button so you could smell the scent of this delicious blend -

Fresh fruit love your way,

Elise Muller, Proprietor / Artosam

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