Friday Night Special ~ "Spirit Shine"

Although I thoroughly enjoy writing Friday Night Specials (gleaned from my Herbal library and personal “kitchen experiments”) I’d like to hear from you, my beloved readership, on what you would like to read. If you have questions or concerns please leave a comment at the blog or write to me personally (and privately) at and I’d be happy to answer your questions or cover topics you’re interested in or concerned about. I await your questions and look forward to your response.  And now on to this week’s special:   In featuring Friday Night Specials (DIY nutrient rich recipes for hair and skin) it is my hope to encourage “The Art of Personal Ritual” ~ the quiet times we take for ourselves to nourish and replenish our well-being.   Before listing this week’s special “Thyme & Fennel Seed Cleanser” I’d like to address our inner beauty and some basic steps to keep complexions clear and radiant.   As women, we undoubtedly experience the passing of time, a few too many late nights, environmental toxins and the everyday stress which all affect our well being and our complexions. Most assuredly, our lifestyle is revealed in our face (I once read “your naked face remains your signature”) which I believe to be true.   Our “naked face” (no make-up, foundation, etc.) reveals our spirit, what we eat, if we exercise, how many late nights we enjoy, how deeply we love or engage in our life’s passions. It is only our essence that can place "the sparkle in our eyes and the glow in our complexion”. Of this I am certain.   How we choose to cultivate our essence is a personal choice; however, we can “scrub, tone, apply masks and moisturize” but if we’re not aligned with our essence our complexions will most likely be lifeless; I encourage everyone to let their “spirit shine” and allow your inner beauty to be revealed. Take time for yourself … my recipes assist “quite time” as well as vital nutrients to nourish your complexion and overall well-being. Remember, the skin is our largest organ and absorbs deeply … what we place on our skin affects our health.  

Before reading on, if you need to be reminded of your beauty, this song brings it home


Thyme & Fennel Seed Cleanser

2 sprigs of fresh Thyme, crushed ~ 2 teaspoons fennel seeds, crushed ~ ½ cup boiling water ~ Juice of ½ Lemon. Mix Thyme and Fennel Seeds / cover with boiling water / add Lemon juice and steep for 15 minutes. Strain infusion and cleanse face. Remaining infusion may be kept in refrigerator and discarded after 3 days.  

Medicinal properties / what you absorb by applying this recipe

Thyme: Aromatic, antiseptic, stimulant Fennel seeds: antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory Lemon: astringent, toner, exfoliate, vitamin C

Basics on keeping complexions cleansed, toned & moisturized

Steaming: opens pores, increases blood circulation and eliminates toxins while absorbing vital nutrients from flowers and herbs Cleanse: rids the skin of dirt, makeup and oils Mask: removes residue deep within the pores and replenishes the skin with vitamins & minerals. (Although I don't offer masks on my website, these DIY recipes contain ingredients available in your kitchen). Tone: tightens & refines the pores & prepares the skin for moisturizing Moisturize: replenish the skin with fluid & coats the skin with a protective layer And here's to your Spirit Shine, Elise Muller, Proprietor / Artisan

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