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As with my enduring love of flowers, we all have memories of times that leave an everlasting impact and alter our perceptions and awareness.  I still cherish a vivid memory of when I was first  “awestruck by flowers" that occurred when I jumped off my back step into my mother's flower garden and came face to face with a Sunflower. At the time I was around 6/years old and the flowers and I were the same height and as we looked into each others face I was forevermore captivated by the beauty an nourishment that flowers provide. Much later as an adult I grew an assortment of herbs, flowers and Sunflowers in my NY garden and looked more closely into their full bloom face and noted that each held a unique Mandala or pattern and was again captivated by their beauty and mystery. (If anyone reading this grows Sunflowers, by all means look closely into their “face” and their unique pattern – it's truly awesome).

We often use flowers in our teas, tisanes, smudges, etc. but as this month's special reveals I love to utilize flowers in my plant based skin care formulas and in appreciation of all things flowers, this month's special “From Flowers to Face” is Mountain Rose Facial Oil, a best seller and a wonderful ally to moisturize and hydrate all complexion types.

Mountain Rose Facial Oil is not “heavy” and is readily absorbed by the skin as the complexion absorbs its nutrients. This facial oil works well under foundation and make-up and I'm told by customers “it makes it all blend seamlessly”.

Mountain Rose Facial Oil will be discounted throughout the month of August and trust me, you don't want to miss out on this floral beauty.

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