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Spring is such a lovely season, perhaps my favorite as nature comes into bloom and we witness the renewal of wild gardens and the song of wildlife feasting on fresh blossoms. Hallelujah moments to be sure.

I'm awed by the beauty here in Southern California – the hills are yellow, covered in Mustard and wild flowers (lots of rain this winter) and the local gardens are abundant with Native grasses and flowers.

Spring also reminds me to count my blessings as nature reveals renewal and hope, a reminder that even in cold dark days, nature is resting and preparing to dazzle us come Spring.  And dazzle us she does.

What Spring may also reveal (when layers of clothing come off) is “dry winter skin” and understanding it's time to exfoliate and slough off dead skin cells encouraging the formation of new, supple skin cells and "in the spirit of sloughing” this months specials are Lemongrass Facial Polish, one of my all time favorites that I use daily followed by Mountain Rose Facial Oil, also on sale throughout May. These formulas also make lovely Mother's Day gifts and the first 5 orders will also receive a “little something special” to make your gift giving a rare treat.

Below is an article I wrote some years ago covering a few essential nutrients for skin care and for our overall well-being along with the benefits of Dry Skin Brushing that will most certainly help shed “winter skin” and get the skin toned and radiant for those oh so soft summer dresses. Note: some of the products listed at the end of the article are no longer available but please contact me if you have any questions regarding which formula will best suit your needs.

Here's to Spring and offerings to help you dazzle

On another more personal note, as you've seen I've been remiss at writing and for those who've understood my absence and sent condolences since the passing of my brother, thank you. And thank you again. What has in part sustained me during this difficult time is working with plant material, shipping orders and volunteering with a sustainable garden and wildlife habitat and your encouragement and support has been heart-felt and sincerely appreciated.

 As a last note I believe "sharing is caring" and if anyone of your contacts would benefit from my offerings I thank you in advance for sharing this newsletter.  In appreciation you will receive a discount on your next order (code will be provided) if your referral spends $75.00 have them include a note "so and so referred me" and I'll be in contact with you.

I wish you all a joy filled Spring, one that is filled with wonder and peace.


Elise Muller, Proprietor / Artisan

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