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“Hydrofracking” (better known as “Corporate Greed / Quest for Natural Gas”) is a word disguising its true intent.  The intent is to dig and blast open pristine regions (mountain ranges, watersheds, etc.) in the hopes of finding “Gold in them there hills”.  “Hydrofracking” (the new phrase) reminds me of the previous phrase “the search for Oil” along our Gulf Coast … as well as all the other quests for our Natural resources deemed “worthy of exploitation”. (Remember “mountain top removal” in the Southeast)?  Appalling; especially for folks living amid those mountains).  My question, “who is anyone to remove our mountains; destroy our eco-systems; pollute our water; remove our Barrier reefs”?  We have enabled that by our complacency … allowing “the powers that be” to decide our fate, and the fate of our Natural resources.  (Somehow, I can’t turn my fate or the fate of my Natural world to the discretion of Dick Cheney and his buddies). No, I can’t do that. As a long term volunteer in New Orleans I’ve seen first-hand what the “endless corporate quest” has brought.  The Oil Industry, in laying thousands of miles of pipe lines along our Gulf Coast, removed the Barrier Reefs.  With no Barrier Reefs there is no protection; we’ve seen the results of this exploitation as well its remains - it’s endless – as are the horrific consequences of the exploitation. We are the people who live amid our Natural resources; unless we lend our voice (and our actions) to the injustices brought against our Natural world, we will have no Natural world.  Of this I am certain and of this I have witnessed.  When, and where, does it end?  It ends with us, rising up and saying “no more” to Halliburton; the Oil Industry; to Corporate and individual greed.  As I have previously written, “these industries would not be in power if not for our support”.  We are supporting our demise, and the demise of what we once held sacred.  This “sacredness” is our land, our water, and our wildlife … the very essence that sustains us, and all life.  Once this is gone, what will we have left?  Dick Cheney and Halliburton?  If that happens, we’re done.  Way done Notes from “The Democracy for America” on “Hydrofracking”: The Dick Cheney sponsored Halliburton loophole is no match for the power of thousands of New Yorkers' voices calling for an end to the roughshod, environmentally degrading practices of the Oil and Gas companies through the use of hydrofracking .  Hydrofracking consistently poisons the groundwater in and around rig operations with chemicals such as benzene and methane”. We, the people, are so much more powerful than “a Dick Cheney” and his Halliburton buddies (ever wonder why his name is “Dick”)?  Yes, without question, he’s a dick.  Halliburton and Cheney would cease to exist if we lend our voice and demand an end to their “policies”.  In doing so, our Natural world would once again be pristine.  Imagine that …

As always, the choice is ours

Elise Muller, Proprietor / Artisan        www.mountain-spirit-botanicals.com

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