Hydrosols + The Essence of Plants

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Before I introduce Rose Geranium Hydrosol I'd like to share something I was reminded of while listening to a podcast by Dr. Wayne Dwyer on his being “mindful” while pouring Maple Syrup.

While pouring the syrup Dr. Dwyer paused for a moment to consider that long ago, perhaps over 100 years, a seed fell to the ground and many years later that seed became a tree and down the line someone figured out how to “tap” the tree to extract its sap and voila! Maple Syrup was created - all from a tree's essence, its gift to us.

Whether cultivated or wild grown I believe this is true of plants - the Plant kingdom offers us their essence and although at times it may be subtle, if we take a moment as Dr. Dwyer did, we will more fully appreciate their essence and how they enrich our lives.

In offering plant based formulas I've always encouraged “The Art of Personal Ritual” meaning to slow down, take a moment to breathe in the plant's aroma, feel its texture and absorb its essence which truly makes the bathing ritual that much more lovely.
To wash one's hair, make one's toilet & put on scented robes
Even if not a soul sees one
These preparations still produce an inner pleasure
(The Pillow Book – Tenth Century)

And so it is with hydrosols – they are subtle yet quite profound. The hydrosols I offer are distilled using only fresh, organic plant material grown specifically for the hydrosol and Rose Geranium Hydrosol (as well as its essential oil) has always been a favorite of mine.

As you “spritz” your face with the essence of Rose Geranium, pause for a moment (as Dr. Dwyer did) to consider that it was once a seed, lovingly planted and watched over, harvested and distilled with care and I trust you will have a unique experience with this hydrosol.

A note on hydrosols: they may be used as a toner; as a “spritz” throughout the day to refresh & hydrate the skin; 1 tsp. added to a glass of water and sipped as a tea; a “spritz” for the hair if it feels dry and I also “spritz” my plants & fresh flower arrangements in my home (I like to think they remember each other and that they also enjoy a “spritz”).

I'm sensitive to artificial air (heating or air conditioning), fluorescent lighting and the magnetic fields from cable lines (those large boxes on poles in our neighborhood) as well as the glare coming off my computer screen – all of this dries my skin and hair and at times I get somewhat “antsy” if I'm in those environments and I always have a bottle handy for when I need relief and for me hydrosols provide an instant relief.

If you work in an office with “artificial air and light” I highly recommend a bottle at your desk and you just may be transported to fields of flowers warmed by the sun ...

Please enjoy


Elise Muller, Proprietor / Artisan


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