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Body Butter

As July is my birth month and in appreciation of you and in the spirit of "gift giving" I'm offering the improved Body Butter at significant discount along with an additional discount if other products are ordered (only available if you select additional items) and if so at check-out in discount code place "Thank You" for an additional $10.00 discount on your order.

A note on the newly improved Body Butter: working with only pure plant material it takes between 24 to 48 hours for a formula to "set up" when I can evaluate the finished product.  I love the nourishing ingredients in Body Butter but after observing the original end result I wasn't 100% satisfied so I went back to the formula and reworked the ingredients until I was completely satisfied and I must say, it's wonderful!

I've decided to re-post Beth's article again "dear beauty industry" which confronts the industry's manipulative practices that target our young daughters and women of all ages.  It's one of the finest pieces of writing I've ever read and for women raising daughters and sons, you don't want to miss Beth's article at the link below.

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During the years I've handcrafted organic, plant based skincare I've often spoken out against “the beauty industry” and their manipulative advertisements targeting our daughters with their not so subtle message “you're not enough” and  Beth Berry, mother and blogger,  feels the same way 
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