Lucious, Organic Ingredients + Valentine Sale

As I'm known to swoon over the aroma of fresh pressed plant material, I'm having a glorious time formulating products to keep our winter skin soft and hydrated. To celebrate "the art of swooning" and Valentine's Day, two of my favorite winter remedies are on sale this month: 4/ounce "Butter Wood Balm" and 1/ounce "Aging Gracefully". My mother often said "you're in love with love" and unquestionably, I am. To celebrate love and St. Valentine, the first six orders (any product) will receive "a little surprise". Hint? I’m known for my surprises. For those requesting “Comfrey Facial Cream” it is now available, luxurious as ever, and a wonderful ally for dry or sensitive complexions. If you are new to my offerings's what others are saying “I enjoy and feel nourished by your products. It is as if you are imbuing me with grace and well being when I use them”. Deb, NY "Comfrey Facial Cream has transformed my facial skin; it's supple again, not dry and red. Thank you"! Shelly, MA. I'm loving the products I purchased. Sweet Coco Moisturizer is exquisite, particularly in this dry, cold weather. It works beautifully w/o that greasy heavy feeling. Each morning I look forward to applying the Mountain Rose Facial Oil; I love the fragrance and really feel like my skin is being well hydrated. Anonymous “I'm thrilled to have found you. My last purchase was the huge sized Mountain Rose Facial Oil that I gave to friends because I thought it was so wonderful. I have been using other products purchased at Whole Foods but nothing compares to yours. One of my favorite characteristics is the beautiful fragrance”. Rhonda, NJ “I received Sweet Melissa this morning and the scent is MAGICAL.  I can't wait to see what effect it will have on my perfect skin!! Here I am at 79 without one deep wrinkle on my face and not even a little relaxation in the skin on my neck. What a life changing day when I met you at the market”! Love always, Joyce, FL “Your Coconut Hair Cream makes my hair happier and shinier (and more silver) than ever. I love the way it moisturizes and shapes the curls without stiffening. I'm addicted!" Lisa, FL Elise Muller, Proprietor / Artisan / Gardener Mountain Spirit Botanicals

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