Mahalo to the Sacred Tree of Hawaii

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This months special contains one of my favorite oils - Kukui Nut Oil - one that I reach for when requiring an ingredient that is readily absorbed by the skin, offers deep pore cleansing and contains an abundant supply of living enzymes and essential fatty acids providing vital nutrients to the skin. Mahalo to Kukui Nut Tree ...

Although I love this oil and value its benefits I'm generations behind the native Hawaiians who revere the Kukui Nut Tree as “sacred” and in their understanding “Kukui represents renewal, hope and light” and is the official State Tree of Hawaii. If that's not enough to sway you to the sacredness of this beautiful tree, Kukui translates to “enlightenment” in Native Hawaiian language.

Native Hawaiian beliefs: Those who wear Kukui Nut leis are essentially “bearers of light” and tradition holds that when you hold Kukui Nuts in prayer you infuse them with your own spiritual energy and today couples getting married in Hawaii wear Kukui leis or bracelets to symbolize the joining of their individual beams of spiritual light into a single, holy glow.

Most of you reading this have been with me for over 20/years and as you know I don't promote manipulative advertising nor succumb to the “latest and greatest" new ingredient promoted by the beauty industry - I stay with what is sacred, cultivated and processed with heart and I've never changed my sources as I believe when one finds something good, that contributes to the well-being of all people, their lands and traditions, one stays steady in that commitment. I'm honored to do business with my suppliers and farmers and contribute to supporting organic, sustainable practices world-wide.  Blessings abound ...

Kukui Cleansing Balm holds two organic & sacred ingredients + a blend of pure essential oils packaged in 2/ounce because if you travel this blend is all you need to cleanse, remove make-up and moisturize. This formula is a personal favorite and one I use daily and will be discounted throughout September.

Until we meet again, Mahalo


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  • I just want to let you know how much I have enjoyed the Kukui Cleansing Balm. I have a new use for it and I love it. Since I don’t color my hair and my greys around my temples go crazy in this hot, humid Florida weather, I put the Kukui balm on my greys. I massage it near the roots and it relaxes and nourishes my hair. I carry a tiny drop bottle in my handbag so I always have it with me. I love this product and love its mild fragrance.

    Marianella Maso on

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