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Autumn blessings to all ... Autumn is a beautiful season - a reminder to count our blessings and to be grateful for the offerings so abundantly provided by nature.  In this season of harvest, I gather the last of my garden's bounty, collect seeds, dead-head spent blooms and clean up garden beds to prepare them for what is to come in future seasons. My business provides me the pleasure of cultivating gardens, observing Nature, sourcing exquisite ingredients and preparing botanical skincare.  The ingredients that I select - from the time its seed is planted in the ground to the time it warms in my kettle - is cultivated, harvested and processed with care.  I'm pleased to work with organic farmers who provide plant material rich in vital nutrients and who tend our natural resources with thoughtfulness.  It's gratifying knowing that our skin, which absorbs deeply, is absorbing vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids from pure botanicals grown with care. A new shipment of luscious ingredients has just arrived and I'm in my own 'kinda heaven whipping up fresh batches of organic skincare.  Depending on climate, this may be one of the last harvests from my garden of Comfrey and Lemon Balm (which I infuse to create "Comfrey Facial Cream" and "Sweet Melissa").  These plants are carefully tended by me and visited each day by Bees and Butterflies - they are rich with the song and blessings of wildlife. "Comfrey Facial Cream" is an excellent formula for dry, sensitive skin and also provides tone and nourishment to all complexions.  "Sweet Melissa" is a light, penetrating formula beneficial for all skin types.  Note: "Sweet Melissa" is not listed on the website, if you select this item please order either Rose Petal Facial Cream or Comfrey Facial Cream and send a notation "Sweet Melissa".  Note: I was so captivated by "Sweet Melissa" that I wrote an entire article dedicated to it's ingredients / found by scrolling down on my blog at the homepage). I am pleased to announce that the following formulas - previously side-lined by other best sellers - are getting their due recognition.  They're lovely ... May Blossom Facial Oil is an exceptional blend for oily, sensitive complexions that experience "break-outs or bumps".  This has been an effective intervention for women suffering from "adult acne" as well as for teenagers going through hormonal changes and "teen acne". Butt Balm, although formulated as a Diaper cream, this is also an effective intervention for dry, cracked and calloused skin (hands, feet, elbows) and customer feedback has been wonderful.  Due to constant washing of hands with harsh soaps and using latex gloves, this has been a healing blend for Nurses who suffer from sore, cracked hands. Floral Grain Scrub is prepared with freshly ground flowers, herbs and seeds that provide gentle exfoliation ... leaving the complexion cleansed, toned and radiant.  The scent is divine ... Warm regards, Elise Muller, Proprietor / Artisan / Gardener

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