New Year's Eve and "The Little Black Dress"

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There is an art to wearing “the perfect dress”.  It requires grace, elegance, and the understanding that we are inherently beautiful.  Possessing these traits, walk into any room and heads will turn ~ the room will know "a presence has entered".  Of this I am certain.  Preparing for such an evening is a delightful ritual ... Side step: Long ago I was in love.  It was a love story we’ve all known … passionate; all encompassing; knowing one day he'd be gone / I'd hit the wall.  (Should I have paid attention when my father often advised ... "if you want to dance you have to pay the fiddler")?  Perhaps.  Perhaps not.  Although I paid the fiddler for the dance, of the numerous blessings this love brought to me, the one I'm most grateful for is I met the love that lives inside of me.  Our capacity to love, and to be loved, is enormous - once we tap into this "the little black dress" pales in comparassion to our inner loveliness.  Bathing rituals enhance our loveliness ... I loved to dress for this love story and preparations became quiet times I cherished.  On special occasions I would draw a hot, steamy Herbal bath & settle in for a luxurious soak to open the pores / absorb the scents of salts, flowers and herbs.  (My hair was already rinsed with flowers & herbs & "towel wrapped" as I soaked).  While bathing I exfoliated with salts & butters to slough off dead skin / encourage a glow.   I'd gently scrub my face, apply a mask, rinse and apply a scented oil.  Afterwards, while my skin was still warm, I applied a nourishing body moisturizer containing "just the right amount of Bee's Wax" so my skin would be soft and left with a "sultry glow".  (I wanted my hair, skin & spirit to outshine any dress that I would be wearing).  I succeeded.  He never knew what hit him when I entered the room.  True story ...

Happy New Year / go turn some heads / have pennies in your purse to pay the fiddler

As you can imagine, I love bath products and I love sensuality and romance.

I created a pure, Botanical skincare line to enhance this loveliness

"To wash one's hair, make one's toilet, even if not a soul sees one

These pleasures still produce an inner beauty"

The Pillow Book ... 10th Century

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