No Surprise! Local "Politicking" Wins again ...

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Unfortunately, it came as no surprise when I read that the Planning Board succumbed to the influence of “The Partition Street Project” and its investors (as well as “local politics”). Silly us thinking that the citizen’s money, our desires, our hope for something “other than status quo” would have an influence. (Sorry, I’m jaded; I’ve had my bout with local shenanigans and quite frankly, I’ve lost respect for “local politicking”). My take, wherever possible (and as soon as possible), vote them out. What particularly offended me (in reading about the Planning Board’s decision) was seeing Mr. Hinchey’s “smiling face” on the front page of the Saugerties Times. Where were you, Mr. Hinchey, during all the discussions and planning events? Laying low? Did you ever consider, or care about, what your constituents felt? Oh … but now you rise, smiling, front page center, along with your partners. And yes, you’re all smiling – “as if you’ve won a great victory”. For the moment you may feel as though “you’ve won,” but in truth, you’ve lost. You’ve lost things that you are obviously unaware of, and for this, I am sorry for you. You have lost out on caring; the essence of “community; you’ve lost integrity; you’ve lost the opportunity to do “small things with great love;” you’ve lost out on our Natural resources, and how our resources affect, and contribute to, a community; and perhaps most significantly, you’ve lost our respect. (Although I doubt you care – you’re all smiling). What is it exactly, that you’re smiling about? What have you accomplished? To the Saugerties Committee for Concerned Development, my heart-felt “thank you.” Thank you for your efforts; for your professionalism; for your revised plans; and for your belief that things could be different. Thank you for caring about me, and other “concerned citizens,” and what we value. You fought an honorable, worthy battle, and you have not lost. In the greater scheme of life, you’ve won. And to the Saugerties citizens who never “showed up” or voiced an opinion – when a huge monstrosity is built by The Partitions Street Project, and you are not welcomed there, and your view of a pristine watershed is blocked, your neighbor’s Historic house is “rocked off its foundation,” and your community is alienated from its resources, remember this the next time you vote. That is, if you vote. Elise Muller

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