"Oil Pulling"

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Although “Oil Pulling” is new to me, numerous people have spoken of its benefits (whitening teeth, removing plaque, healing receding gum lines, increased energy, reduced flu symptoms) so of course,  I'm game.

I googled "Oil Pulling" and it appears to have originated in the Ayurvedic tradition (using Sesame oil) but most people are "pulling" with Coconut oil.

How it's done: in the morning I take 1 Tb. of Coconut oil and place it in my mouth and "swish" for 20 minutes.  I "swish" while making the bed, putting on coffee, straightening up the house and although it's not my favorite morning ritual, I'm willing to give it a shot.  Truth? 20 minutes of "swishing" feels like 2 hours and I can't wait to spit it out.  (It took me 3 days to work up to 20 minutes but I'm now on clock and "pulling" for 20 minutes).

I'm  currently in my first week of "Oil Pulling" and although I'm blessed with good teeth and health, I'm due to see my dentist next month and I'll keep you posted on my results of  "pulling" Coconut Oil. Side note: I have a customer (80 years old and still modeling) who's been using my products for over 20 years and is one of the persons who introduced me to "Oil Pulling".  Her teeth are white showing no stains or signs of aging.  (How many people in their 80's have white teeth and discuss "Oil Pulling")? I was recently asked to formulate a product for "Oil Pulling" incorporating essential oils beneficial for teeth and gums.  If my personal experiment with "Oil Pulling" warrants this request, know your teeth will light up the night sky.  No flashlight needed.  

Here's a great link for additional information  http://coconut-oil-pulling.com/

Happy pulling, Elise

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