On Love & Being Loving

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Recently, a customer sent me an article detailing “How French Women Age”.   The article noted “They age gracefully”, an understanding I hold close to heart.  I was pleased that my customer thought of me, and Mountain Spirit Botanicals, as she read the article.  To be known as a woman who instills “The Art of Personal Ritual” and “Aging Gracefully,” is an honor to be sure. The aforementioned article was long; some parts I agreed with / some I did not.  What captivated me in the article were the lines (quoted from) Francoise Sagan: There is a certain age when a woman must be beautiful to be loved, and then there comes a time when she must be loved to be beautiful.” I have come to know that nothing makes life more beautiful than love.  When we love, or are being loved, “the essence of the beloved” is seen, appreciated, and valued.  Who, or what, would not “bloom” with this intention?   I have seen the “essence of love” come to fruition in many forms; the beauty that love unfolds “takes one’s breath away” and makes life so very beautiful. As you may know from previous articles, “I love my garden, my daughter, my brother’s dog Otis, and the birds and wild-life that surround me”.   If not for love, none of this would be present, or possible. Folks often tell me “oh how beautiful your garden is,” and I respond, “Yes, it’s beautiful, thank you”.  What I do not tell them, each morning (and again at twilight) I go out and speak to my garden, telling the garden “how beautiful you are; you are the most beautiful garden that the good Lord put in our world”.  A garden responds in kind.  Folks often tell me “how sweet Otis is” and I respond, “Yes, he is”.  What I do not tell them, each day I speak to Otis and tell him “how blessed we were the day you came to us; you are the best fisherman (he chases minnows) and you are the most wonderful dog that the good Lord put in our world”.  He wags his tail and responds in kind.  Otis, and a garden, becomes the love that they are given.  We all become the love that we are given … Many years ago when I was pregnant with Lily I was nervous.  Actually I was more than nervous, I was terrified.  During my pregnancy I read the book “Spiritual Midwifery” (by Inna Mae Gaskin) and was immediately comforted by the opening sentence (written by Ina’s husband) where he stated: “even though someone doesn’t speak your language, don’t think for a minute that they don’t understand you”.  I never forgot his words and have carried this wisdom in all that I endeavor.  Otis doesn’t speak my language, nor do my flowers, nor did Lily when she newly born.  But they “understand” what I give to them.  I give them love, and they respond in kind.   In giving love, I am surrounded by love. Many people that I have met are “afraid to love”.   (I am afraid “not to love”).  I often wonder what it is they fear.  What could possibly be lost to love?  I believe it is the absence of love that one should fear; without love, without the interaction with people (or “things” that do not “speak our language”) is when we disconnect from the essence that binds all life.  Of this I am certain … If you love, be loving.  If you fear love, address your fear - it is powerless in the presence of love. Elise Muller, Artisan / Proprietor / “Lover of love” Mountain Spirit Botanicals

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