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The Blessings of a Shared Humanity …

By selecting this photo I hope to exemplify that all beings love, no matter our species, or our culture.  In viewing this child’s eyes and the heart of its mother, is it not obvious “we share one heart”? Because the media bombards us of corruption and our demise on a daily basis, I would like to present people and organizations honoring the vast blessings of a shared humanity. Although the following organizations represent a fraction of the global humanitarian efforts that never make sensational, front page headlines, they reveal how deeply we care for each other, and they reflect a far greater movement. Before listing noble endeavors, I’d like to ascertain that the horrific side effects of our current events (people, species and our planet dyeing) are not natural, they are man-made. The natural world and our inherent humanity do not know war, pollution, bigotry, fear or hatred. Corporate, Political, and Personal gains have created this.  I believe the individuals and organizations that inflict harm, on all life, would like us to forget “we belong to each other”. The following organizations encourage us not to forget:

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Who is your sister?

Since its creation, Women to Women International has given hope to more than 299,000 women survivors of war and conflict and helped them towards economic self-sufficiency.  They have distributed $95 million in direct aid and other program services.  For $30.00/month … you can sponsor one woman for one month.

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Wings Over Haiti

After Haiti’s earthquake Jonathan Glynn flew his plane to Haiti and worked bringing food, medical supplies and saving lives.  Soon after, along with Haitian-Americans Shad St. Louis and Melissa McMullan, Jonathan founded “Wings over Haiti” - a non-profit providing access to free education.   Working in partnership with American teachers and students, “Wings” opened their school to 32 children, and has since purchased additional land to build a larger school - where at its heart - a village runs independently and provides its own solar power, clean water, and grows its own food.  * One dollar will feed and educate one child, for one day *

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Slow Food International

The “slow food” movement was created by Carlo Petrini in response to the “fast food” movement.  It is (by his efforts) “a global, grassroots organization with a commitment to community and to the environment”.  It opposes “the unrestrained power of the food industry multinationals and industrial agriculture”.   Their philosophy: We believe everyone has a fundamental right to the pleasure of good food and consequently the responsibility to protect the heritage of food, tradition and culture that make this pleasure possible”.

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Survival International

Survival is the only organization working for tribal peoples’ rights worldwide.  They're funded by concerned members of the public and do not take government money because governments are the main violators of tribal peoples’ rights” (they also do not take money from companies which might be abusing tribal peoples).  Their vision: “a world where tribal peoples are recognized and respected; an end to the unjust treatment that tribal peoples are subjected to; a world where tribal peoples are free to live on their own lands, safe from violence, oppression and exploitation”.

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Invisible Children

I am a mother.  I know how I would feel if my child was “kidnapped, brutalized, raped and forced to fight in wars over the minerals needed for our electronic devices”.  Thousands of mothers’ know this horror and it continues on a daily basis.  This non-profit works to transform apathy into activism - they rescue child soldiers. **   Before purchasing any electronic device {computer, cell phone, iphone, etc.} ascertain that your selected provider is “conflict free” (working to eliminate child soldiers; rape of women and men; unjust and brutal wars). These are “but a handful” of organizations working to make our world a better place for all.  I believe if we participate in a world that approaches all life with one heart and we support an existence that does not go to war for “their Oil, their Diamonds, their water, their Minerals, their Land, or their Children” … we will create a world abundant with kindness and mutual respect ... leaving a legacy that we can be proud of. The actions of our politicians and world leaders are revealed in our daily headlines.  Personally, I don’t know anyone in their right mind who aligns with their values and I'm left to wonder “where are our noble efforts” and “why aren’t they front page headlines”? There is an abundance of kindness in our world; of this I am certain, and of this I have experienced.  We have the ability to leave noble footprints or read headlines of a world that others have created for us.  As always, the choice is ours.  We are well informed by our headlines that we are amongst the privileged to even have choice.  Let’s use our privilege wisely, and compassionately.  We’re in this together … no matter our species, or our culture. Elise Muller, Proprietor / Artisan Mountain Spirit Botanicals

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