Organic Plant Oils for Thick, Healthy Hair

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My mom always said “persistence pays off” and without question, it does.   Although this remedy is straightforward and easy to apply, one must be consistent to reap its benefits. Keep in mind that the condition you may want to remedy (thinning or dry, lifeless hair) did not happen overnight nor will the results happen overnight. What I will say from my personal experience, I noticed a difference almost overnight in the softness and fullness of my hair by applying these oils.   Before I give the remedy and ritual for “hair care” I’d like to impart another piece of my mother’s wisdom and one I often shared with my daughter. For most of my young life I had rather wild and unruly hair and my mom tried all sorts of interventions to calm it down / keep it in place (think hot oil treatments) none of which worked. Then one day mom came up with “hair brushing” and told me “always, always brush your hair 100 strokes” and then she would sit me down and brush my hair 100 strokes. Although my hair may not have calmed down, I most certainly did and mom and I shared a truly beautiful time together. Note: ladies even if your man has short hair, sit him down one evening while watching football and brush his hair. Go on now …   I will guess that most of you reading this rarely (if ever) “brush your hair 100 strokes” or have someone you love brush your hair. Trust me; it’s one of the most beautiful things to give and to receive. Besides the emotional bonding and “Lord does it feel good”, brushing one’s hair stimulates the scalp, brings natural oils throughout the hair and stimulates new hair growth.   As my readership knows I love to read old Herbal texts, watch romantic movies and that I experiment on myself with all sorts of plant material and unquestionably, I’m a blessed woman. Take time for yourself and the ones you love and reap the benefits. I read an article that noted Peanut Oil helps baldness and thinning hair. I was on it. Although I’m neither balding nor thinning, I knew this may be viable and have been applying Peanut Oil for almost 2/months, approximately 2 or 3 times a week. A few years ago I also read about Castor Oil being an intervention for thinning hair and I experimented with it and noticed new hair growth within a week.   The formula can be either straight organic Peanut Oil or equal parts Castor Oil and Peanut Oil, your choice. Personally, I switch it up … at times I use straight Peanut oil, other times straight Castor oil. Although I’m currently growing out a bad hair-cut (I told him “no layers” / he didn’t listen) my hair is healthy, full and soft. If you do select Castor Oil, make sure label notes “cold pressed” (available in Health food stores). If not cold pressed the medicinal quality has been removed.   Application: brush you hair “100 strokes” to stimulate scalp and then with fingertips “vigorously” apply the oil to scalp, massaging well to stimulate the scalp and then apply a bit more to the body of hair. Brush some more, as more as you like … sleep well, shampoo out in the morning and voila!   Note: if you color or process your hair, the hair is covered by a layer of chemicals and may not readily absorb the plant oils; however, your scalp will reap the benefits and new hair growth will be encouraged.  

Whether your hair is frizzy, curly, thick or thin, this formula works beautifully on all conditions.

Elise Muller, Proprietor / Artisan

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