Rose Petals and "Fresh From The Garden"

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I am always pleasantly surprised to discover articles touting the benefits of pure, natural botanicals used as skincare ingredients.  It is an additional pleasure knowing that my formulas have incorporated these precious botanicals for over 20 years, long before they were accepted as “relevant” by the industry.  It continues to be my belief “everything we need for our beauty regime can be found in nature”. When I first began to formulate Botanical skincare women ran from my table “aghast” at the thought of placing a pure substance on their skin.  (At the time the “beauty industry” adhered to chemicals and various ingredients that we couldn’t pronounce and the concept of placing pure botanicals on skin was unheard of).  However, overtime we became astute and “the industry” had to adhere to our demands of purity, ethics and integrity.  I’m proud to note that we are a mighty voice and when we give our voice to issues that concern our well-being, and the well-being of our natural resources, we create powerful change.  Let’s continue to do so … I have depicted Rose Petal Facial Cream in this newsletter as the recent article touted the benefits of its key ingredients: Rose: combats dryness, reduces redness and regenerates aging skin.  “Rose is most fitting for mature complexions due to its hydrating properties and its ability to heal broken blood vessels; Rose is wonderful for your emotional well-being, your health and spirit, and is one of the most powerful skin rejuvenators.” Hibiscus Flower: Revives the skin and acts as an exfoliator and anti-oxidant.  “Hibiscus is plentiful in the anti-aging alpha-hydroxy and amino acids and has the ability to protect against premature aging, tone, hydrate and control oil production.”

(Rose Rubiginosa is blooming in my garden / I’m harvesting flowers to make a fresh batch)!

Also availablefresh from my garden” - “Comfrey Facial Cream” prepared with Comfrey leaves and flowers, and “Sweet Melissa,” prepared with Lemon Balm leaves & Chamomile flowers

Elise Muller, Proprietor / Artisan / Gardener

Mountain Spirit Botanicals

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