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As we gear up to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day be forewarned, I’m a fool for love, in all its glory.  When I was young my mom often said “you’re just in love with love” and I am (I swoon if I see elders holding hands).

If you know the story of St. Valentine (what he represented) then as we celebrate love let’s keep our hearts open to receiving and giving love.
As my friends and readership know from previous posts, I’m currently without a car and use the bus and Jitney (Jitney is a whole other article) and I’ve been blessed to witness random acts of kindness that at times leave me speechless.  Don’t misunderstand, I’m not thrilled with not having a car and the freedom it allows, I’m accepting “local transit” as an experience and one I’m thankful for.  Below are a few random acts of love that I’ve experienced while riding the Jitney and witnessing humanity at its finest:
  • It’s difficult to catch a Jitney on a Sunday morning as the Haitian community is going to church and there’s little breathing room on any Jitney.  Large hats, perfume and Sunday outfits fill the Jitney and elder women get on and shout “Oh Lord may your day be blessed”. I often give up my seat to elders and they shower me with blessings in a language I don’t understand, but understand I’ve been blessed.  Real good.  I blessed my bus driver the other morning and she was so touched that she stopped the bus, turned to me and said “that was awfully kind of you to bless me” and she blessed me right back. A simple exchange between strangers making our day that much sweeter.  When was the last time you were blessed by a stranger or you blessed a stranger?  Try it, it’s lovely.  It’s how strangers become “kin”.
  • At times a “sketchy” looking man gets on that gives me pause but turns out to be filled with kindness, helping elders, paying their fee, helping them on/off the Jitney.  Riding the bus and Jitney I’ve learned that my initial perceptions are often far removed from a person’s true essence.  I’m currently reading a book on Shamanism which notes “one of the tools of a visionary is to see with the heart”.  Public transport is assisting me in this valuable lesson
  • The other day a disabled elder got on and a young man with dreads, earphones, low riding pants got up to help his elder and said “I got you, you’re safe”.  (Oh yes indeed I teared up witnessing that act of kindness).  Is there anything lovelier than a stranger or beloved saying “I got you, you’re safe with me”? That exchange affected me profoundly.  Seeing how this act of kindness had such an impact on those of us witnessing it, I’m more careful to extend help when I see the need.  It makes me happy and helps the other person feel safe and cared for.
In celebrating the essence of St. Valentine’s Day, my wish is that we all witness and extend random acts of love and kindness and bless those we meet on our journey.
In doing my part to celebrate “the art of swooning” the following items are on sale throughout February and guaranteed to make your beloved (or a stranger) swoon. I gave one to my bus driver yesterday and she blessed me.  Real good.
“Roses are Red and Hibiscus is Scarlett”


Will you be my Valentine?

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