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Thank you all for your patience with my travels … Florida sunshine was glorious and time with cherished friends was enjoyed by all.  My travels reminded me once again that few things compare to “good wine, Jazz, the company of friends & strong belly laughs”.  Thank you all who provided me with shelter, companionship, awesome food & wine, art and numerous belly laughs.  I’d be lost without you. Mountain Spirit updates:  Due to numerous requests for smaller packaging, I am now offering all Body Moisturizers in 2/ounce, as well as previously offered 4/ounce and 16/ounce .    Rose Petal Facial Cream & Comfrey Healing Cream are now available in 2/ounce as well as 3/ounce sizing.   I hope this smaller packaging makes your gift giving affordable, as well as pleasurable. If you would like me to create and ship your Holiday gifts, on “Sweet Baby Dreams” link there are two larger options for gift presentations … both offerings can be created for women, men, children and expectant mothers / new babies.  Please call to discuss the various options and I’ll make something guaranteed to delight and ship in full Holiday spirit!  As always, free shipping on all orders over $65.00 … Side Note:  Recently, pregnant women have been using my “Cacao Butter Hand Cream” to nourish and assist their stretching skin … feedback has been wonderful … so far “no stretch marks”.  As a few of my customers have babies on the way, I am both delighted and honored to be a part of their pregnancy; knowing that Mountain Spirit Botanicals has been absorbed into their bodies and has nourished both  Mother and Child, makes my world right. Other Holiday Suggestions:  As we are now a “world community” we can easily step into the world and spread untold goodness with our Holiday purchasing power.  Here are some suggestions that will replace shopping at the local mall & supporting “big box” stores.  If we really want “peace on earth & good will towards all”, the following organizations are working towards that ideal:

$1.00 will ship two books to Africa: $2.00 will purchase a set of drumsticks for a low income child learning to play the drums: $3.00 will send a high-risk child on a field trip: Oprah Magazine has many other suggestions $30.00 a month will sponsor a woman (and literally change her life) by going to:

There are also numerous offerings at (plant trees in the Rainforest; restore diversity to our Oceans; save Polar bears from Oil development, etc.).

Supporting organizations such as these has become my “gift giving” of choice.  I can honestly say that recipients sincerely appreciate knowing they’ve been a part of a charitable & honorable organization.  I believe this sentiment was best stated by a wise old Grandmother: “when you find something good in the world, the first thing you do is go out and tell as many people as you can – that way, no telling how far the goodness will spread”.  These organizations are good – I’m telling as many people as I can – let’s see how far we can spread the goodness. Happy Holidays … Peace on Earth & Good Will towards all Elise Muller, Proprietor / Artisan Mountain Spirit Botanicals

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