Skin Tips and Skin Food

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The key nutrients for skin health are vitamin C, vitamin A, the B vitamins, and Essential Fatty Acids. Vitamin C feeds the collagen (the elastic “cement” that holds the cells of the body together). Collagen keeps skin tight, free from wrinkles and flabbiness.  Good sources for vitamin C include Kiwi fruit, Rose Hips, Green Peppers, fresh-squeezed Orange juice, Strawberries, Alfalfa sprouts, and leafy greens. B vitamins, specifically B1, B2, Pantothenic acid, PABA, and Folic acid, all benefit the health of the skin. These vitamins naturally occur in Miso, Nutritional yeast, whole grains, raw nuts, Sunflower seeds, beans, and green leafy vegetables. While cleansing the skin (Lemon Twist Facial Scrub) you are creating circulation and bringing fresh, oxygenated blood to a localized area.  The reason I encourage customers to “massage well into the skin” is that in doing so, you are also bringing this circulation and nourishment to the muscles that support the skin … thus toning muscles that support the skin. Alternating hot-and-cold shower has an exceedingly beneficial and stimulating effect on all the vital functions of your body, and has a rejuvenating effect on your skin. Russian scientific studies show that minerals from Sea water and Sea air are absorbed through the skin – if the ocean is not available to you, Salt baths help to feed the skin with minerals. Vitamin A aids in the growth and repair of body tissues and helps maintain smooth, soft, disease-free skin. Carrots, especially Carrot juice, are an excellent source of vitamin A. Other sources are dried Apricots, Sea vegetables, Collard greens, Asparagus, Mangos, and many other fruits and vegetables. (Working in areas lighted with fluorescent lights and spending a lot of time in front of computer screens or television sets can quickly use up your supply of vitamin A). If your skin is dry, irritated or itchy, there is a good chance that you could use more Essential Fatty acids in your diet. Skin properly nourished with Essential Fatty acids is smoother, softer, has fewer breakouts and looks radiant. It also ages more slowly and remains wrinkle-free longer. Good sources of Essential Fatty acids are Flax seeds, Flax seed oil, Walnuts, organic Soy beans (preferably in the form of Tofu and Miso), Safflower and Sunflower oils, and most nuts and seeds. My approach to Skincare is that it should be “food for the skin”. My formulations are rich in Essential Fatty Acids; Vitamin C; Minerals, etc.  Our skin is our largest organ … it breathes and eliminates and what we place on our skin is deeply absorbed into our bodies (consider the “birth control patch”; by simply placing “a patch” on our skin our reproductive system is altered.)  That’s how deeply our skin absorbs. Elise Muller, Proprietor / Artisan Mountain Spirit Botanicals

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