Spiritual Bathing & Caring for Ourselves

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This post is from my current article sent to subscribers.  It's lovely, please enjoy.  If you'd like to receive these posts and monthly specials, please sign up for my newsletter at http://mountain-spirit-botanicals.com/newsletter/ Due to numerous requests to relieve dry, itchy winter skin I decided to re-launch “Friday Night Specials”. These posts were originally offered as DIY recipes to enjoy the art of caring for one’s self. Some months ago I stopped offering these recipes as I discovered most women don’t take quiet time to prepare the recipes and nourish themselves with simple, effective bathing techniques. I understand plant medicine, I enjoy the art of personal ritual and I know what helps “dry, itchy skin” … the quiet time is up to you.

“A daily spiritual bath is an easy way to start paying attention to  your spirit and soul as well as your body.”

Tieraona Low Dog, M.D.

As women I understand we’re busy. We work, take care of children, elders and family which require cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc.; however, if we don’t care for ourselves first and foremost, we’ve little left to give to ourselves and our skin, hair and complexion will reveal all that we give to others. Side note: the link below is Stanford Business School’s outstanding interview with Oprah. Amongst the many brilliant Q & A’s Oprah discusses “the importance of putting ourselves first, caring for ourselves, and becoming full of our selves".  Don’t miss this one …


Before I offer an Herbal bath recipe that will make you feel “oh so fine” I offer a side note on my personal experience with Herbal bathing. Long ago I was a single mother working two jobs raising my beloved daughter. I was stressed, giving a lot with little return for my efforts. Each morning while preparing breakfast, ironing what needed to be ironed, I’d set up a large pot of water to boil and then added a few handfuls of herbs. I went off to work, my daughter went off to school (in her freshly ironed uniform) and the herbs were left to infuse. Evening came, dinner and homework were done and it was time for our evening bath. I drew a bath, added the infused blend and we soaked for a long time sharing our day while absorbing the nourishment of flowers & herbs. One evening when my daughter was quite young she said although we don’t have a lot of money, we have a lot of love. I’ve never forgotten this and I continue to believe that quiet times are some of the best of times and the moments we take for ourselves and with the ones we love, last a lifetime. Herbal baths imbue all of our senses ...

“Spiritual bathing strengthens our tenuous connection with the natural world and its reflection of the divine. It separates us from the mundane, transporting us to a holier place; it eases our passage through the stresses of daily life, opening the door to our soul’s inner guidance; it marks rites of passage; and it uplifts the soul, fostering a reverent, peaceful state of mind.” “Spiritual Bathing” by Rosita Arvigo & Nadine Epstein

Recipe: set up a gallon of water to boil, turn off the flame and add 2 or 3 handfuls of herbs cover and infuse for at least ½ hour (or all day while at work). When you’re ready for bath time, strain the infusion into your bath water + I highly recommend adding an ounce or two of Sweet Meadows Bath Oil (which can also be applied as a moisturizer after bathing). “I use it in the bath and love it. Smells good, feels good, and helps with my dry skin.” J.S., NYC


Herbal blends: I believe most herbs benefit bath time; choose those that call to you or what’s readily available in your kitchen or garden. I recommend using organic herbs as your skin absorbs deeply - you want to absorb herbal medicine, not chemicals. Suggestions: Calendula: anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and known to heal skin complaints Cleavers: one of the best lymphatic tonics; blood-cleansing & diuretic properties and supports the detox process Chamomile & Lavender: best known for calming effects and treating insomnia and anxiety Kelp: I love Kelp’s rich source of minerals & my favorite source http://theseaweedman.com/

In support of caring for ourselves "Sweet Meadows" is on sale through February 7th


Warm regards,

Elise Note: if you require additional information or would like a specific recipe, please email and I'd be happy to assist.

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