Spring at the Farmers' Market

As my local customers know, Saturday morning at my local Farmers' Market is a complete delight as I meet so many interesting people + share my understanding of plant based skin care + meet other vendors who sustain our natural resources, prepare wholesome food, offer freshly harvested fruits, veggies and herbs + offer freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juices + machete' man Clive always whacks open freshly harvested Coconuts for a drink that is truly nectar of the Gods / Goddesses.  In truth, it doesn't get much better than mornings at a local Farm Market.   Beginning this week I will be offering a "Farm Market Special" of freshly prepared herbal interventions to keep skin "oh so lovely and supple".  This week I'm offering an Aloe based cleanser for dry and/or mature complexions and a hydrating mask to compliment the cleanser and seal in hydration.  These market specials are currently not available online so if you're local please do stop by - you won't want to miss these offerings as I've been experimenting on myself all week and I'm loving the results.   See you Saturday Elise

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