Spring Blessings & Discounted Products

As Spring has arrived and today is National Flower Day (every day is flower day for me) and in celebration of this most glorious season the following products are discounted throughout March - links following a “short but sweet” back-story on what inspires my work and how I'm able to support your health and well-being as well as that of our environment.


Although I no longer live in the mountains of New York State my years surrounded by their pristine forests, meadows and watersheds instilled a deeper awareness of the natural world. While quietly observing nature and its wildlife I began to see the subtleties of each season and understand how utterly beautiful and perfect nature is and considering my love for nature, it was only natural to create a business model based on the offerings of nature allowing me to become a more mindful caretaker of our resources, sustain our wildlife and their habitats and support sustainable, organic practices world-wide.


Now living in Southern California with my Orange tree and Jasmines currently in full bloom backed by their scent filling my garden has me swooning. Realizing I was in “swoon season” (and unable to control myself) I drove to my favorite Organic nursery and just finished potting Freesia and Daffodils because really, can there ever be enough flowers in one's garden? 

Disclaimer: pleased be advised that these formulas were crafted while swooning
over Orange Blossoms and Jasmine and remembering when my father always brought my mother a bouquet of Daffodils on the first day of Spring.



Below are testimonials on current Spring discounts:

I enjoy and feel nourished by your products. It is as if you are imbuing me with grace and well being when I use them”. Deb, NY

I am thrilled to have found you. My last purchase was the huge sized rose facial oil and I gave it to friends as gifts because I thought it was so wonderful. I have been using other products purchased in Whole foods, but nothing compares to yours. One of my favorite characteristics is the beautiful fragrance”. Rhonda, NJ

Spring Blessings to all,

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