Spring Blessings & New Plant I'm loving ...

I've recently discovered the healing qualities of ALOE VERA and I can honestly say, I'm loving this beautiful plant and the healing Aloe provides to our skin and overall well-being.  Below are some facts I've researched along with new the products I've created using this beautiful plant.

Historically, Aloe Vera has been known as “Plant of Immortality” and offers an abundant supply of anti-inflammatory properties and a rich supply of vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, and E) and minerals (calcium, iron, potassium, copper, manganese, selenium, sodium, chromium) and  more than 20 different amino acids all of which help the skin regenerate and stay healthy.

Aloe penetrates to the deepest skin cell layers and is known for healing the skin, wounds and other skin issues and also delivers health benefits when taken internally, some of which are noted below:

Improves the digestive system; strengthens the immune system; delays the aging process; cures dermatitis; alleviates menstrual problems; reduces arthritis pain; heals wounds; cures nausea; eliminates ulcers; lowers blood sugar levels; prevents diabetes; promotes hair growth, and soothes acid reflux symptoms.

I have carefully researched this plant and sourced a variety that utilizes both the inner leaf (where a significant amount of nutrients are) and its inner gel.  I have experimented with the new Aloe infused products and can honestly say I’m extremely pleased with the results.

Here are the new formulas I’ve created utilizing Aloe Vera and 100% Organic, unrefined botanical ingredients






Warm regards and Spring Blessings,



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