Spring Cleaning

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Here at Mountain Spirit Botanicals we’ve been busy clearing out cob-webs, opening windows, sprucing up the gardens, and relishing the glory of spring. We’ve also “spruced up” our website and we’re pleased to present “our new Spring Garden” www.mountain-spirit-botanicals.com Along with our new site we’re especially pleased to introduce the newest member of our garden, “Aging Gracefully,” (our response to numerous requests for anti-aging formulas). Although we know “it’s impossible to anti age,” we can most certainly “age gracefully and beautifully,” using pure plant material on our skin that contributes to its elasticity, suppleness, and overall health. I believe this formulation – rich in regenerative vitamins, anti-oxidants, and essential fatty acids – to be the finest available. The scent alone will leave you spellbound … We’ve also gone to “soap heaven” with our new addition, “Sweet Grass Soap.” (I informed the man who crafts this soap that I was tempted to call it “Hallelujah” because that’s how it makes me feel). If you want to sing in the shower, Sweet Grass is for you. Hand-crafted, cured for over 30 days, certified “food grade” organic (not that you’d want to eat it, that’s how pure it is). The scent; how could I possibly describe the scent? Oh it’s lovely. I tried (numerous times) but the man will not reveal “his secret ingredients.” He did mention, “It’s wrapped around Clove and Lavender” In celebration of “spring cleaning” we’re offering Sugar Blossom Body Buff, Sisal Mitt and Bath Brush as our “monthly special”. These discounted rates are available throughout April and they provide an excellent means in which to “slough off dead, winter skin cells” and encourage the formation of new, supple skin cells. Our new website is “a work in progress” - some items have been discontinued, new items are being added over the coming weeks. If you would like to be updated on Mountain Spirit sales, specials or new items, you can sign up for our newsletter on the homepage. We also have “a blog” (also accessible at the homepage) where you can find articles relating to health, beauty and environmental issues (as well my occasional “late night ramblings”). As a final and most important note, our “spring cleaning” could not have been possible without the thoughtful and heart-felt intervention of Matt Franklin of www.greenseedsdesign.com – working with Matt and his team at Green Seeds has been quite simply, “a dream comes true.” If you are looking for a “green team” to develop your marketing and web site development, Matt’s your man. Thank you Matt, for all things … Happy Spring to you all, Elise Muller, Proprietor / Artisan Mountain Spirit Botanicals

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