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Although this article will be a bit “round-about," please continue reading for the information I've discovered is delightful (and the bees' have always known). This morning, observing bees’ and butterflies having a glorious time amidst Chamomile and Lemon Balm, my heart was full.  My garden is fragrant, filled with birds singing, bees’ buzzing, butterflies fluttering (and of course) Otis resting in the shade of the old Maple.  In moments such as these I often reflect on the adage “if you build it they will come”.  For me, nothing reveals this more so than my garden.  I have worked this garden for many years and “what has come” brings me profound, quiet pleasures.  I understand that my garden would not be as vital without the assistance of wildlife - they are instrumental in pollination and “dropping seeds” to expand the garden (and their bounty) and I receive their gracious offerings of flowers, herbs, food, and song.   This morning, unbeknownst to the bees, they also contributed to my understanding of plants, historical information, and they inspired a new formula, “Sweet Melissa.” This morning the bees’ helped me to notice Chamomile was taking over the garden.  Observing this I noted Lemon Balm (planted alongside Chamomile) was more vital this year.  As always “my alchemist bells went off” and I thought “they go well together, I can work with this”.

Here is their story + a new product + information gleaned from my observations

“Her-story” and “Sweet Melissa” Ingredients

Lemon Balm: an herb adored by bees that is commonly called "Melissa” (the Greek word for “honeybee”).  Besides its wonderful Lemony scent, this herb has a beautiful history of honoring women (the Priestesses of Aphrodite were called Melissa).  Oh my.  Lemon Balm (as tea) “soothes and restores the nervous system; uplifts the spirit; gladdens the heart; calming to anyone feeling anxious, stressed, or exhausted.” Note: although predominately used as tea (I make a strong infusion to prepare this formula) my understanding is that our skin absorbs deeply and as such, we receive its spiritual & nutritional properties.  Who wants to be a Priestess? Chamomile: “cleanses and soothes the skin; its anti-inflammatory quality helps with inflammations of the skin; tolerated by every skin type, particularly suited for sensitive, dry, chapped skin.” Note: while researching Chamomile I discovered “this herb possesses such strong healing powers that to strengthen a sickly plant, one only has to grow Chamomile next to it - Chamomile strengthens the soil, absorbs lime and passes it on to other plants”. “Melissa’s” supporting ingredients: Kukui Nut Oil; Avocado Oil; Sweet Almond Oil; bee’s wax; essential oils of Indian Basil, American Sweet Orange and Croatian Coriander. Ordering: "Sweet Melissa” will not be listed on my website due to limited, seasonal availability.  To order using PayPal please “send funds” to mountain_spirit@earthlink.net price includes shipping: 3/ounce @ $38.00 and 1.5/ounce @ $25.00. I highly recommend 3/ounce as this size will last approximately 4/weeks by which time Chamomile may no longer be in bloom (the bees’ may have moved on to the Blackberry bushes). As always, when I create a new formula I “slather it on” to experiment before offering and to ensure its effectiveness.  I’ve been using Sweet Melissa for 3/days and I’m in “honeybee heaven.”  My skin is nourished, plump, and lovely ... and I’m swatting the bees’ away.

Elise Muller, Proprietor / Artisan / Gardener    @ www.mountain-spirit-botanicals.com

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