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"Sweet Melissa" ... fresh from the garden

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Although this article will be a bit “round-about," please continue reading for the information I've discovered is delightful (and the bees' have always known). This morning, observing bees’ and butterflies having a glorious time amidst Chamomile and Lemon Balm, my heart was full.  My garden is fragrant, filled with birds singing, bees’ buzzing, butterflies fluttering (and of course) Otis resting in the shade of the old Maple.  In moments such as these I often reflect on the adage “if you build it they will come”.  For me, nothing reveals this more so than my garden.  I have worked this garden...

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Bird-Song and Gardens

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What I am particularly struck by in this season is bird-songs and “the call of the wild.”  For days the sounds of Nature have not stilled.  Wild Turkey are shouting from the gully; Tree Frogs are singing; Crickets are doing I don’t know what, and somewhere in the distance “peepers” have joined the chorus. It’s twilight as I write; the meadow and woodlands are filled with ancient songs.  This wildness encourages me to be still, cease all that I am “doing” and just listen, imagine what all is going on out there.  These same songs fill the early mornings when...

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