The Art of Personal Ritual (and watching your man shave)

One of my greatest pleasures was to watch my sweetheart shave (in truth I could have sat for hours on the edge of the bathtub watching him shave).  In my opinion, shaving is one of the most beautiful rituals that a man engages in ~ it’s personal, intimate and self-admiration at its finest (not to mention that a man usually shaves half naked in a hot, steamy bathroom) a combination that quite frankly takes my breath away. 

In his shaving ritual a man creates “the perfect lather to coat his face, chooses the right blade to slide along his skin, rinses the blade every few strokes (while tapping against a porcelain sink to rid the blade of excess), rinses his face and slaps on an aftershave meant to seduce me".  After his shave I observe his beautiful skin and "a smile as wide as the heavens” as he turns to show me his glory.  Oh Lord have mercy.  I have lived amongst Peacocks and observed how they “strut and fan their tail feathers” and Peacocks pale in comparison to my man as he turned to show me his freshly groomed face.  Without question, I was seduced.

To seduce him in kind, I created Mango Blossom Moisturizer, an exquisite blend rich in nourishing Tropical butters that give the closest shave, tone the skin while imparting a scent “that will make you want to sit on the edge the bathtub for hours.”  I know this to be true.

Whether shaving yourself or your man, here are a few techniques to enhance the experience:

1.) Wash and scrub the facial skin using Lemon Twist Facial Scrub which removes dead skin cells and encourages the formation of new, supple skin cells.  (During showering is a good time – steam opens the pores and prepares the skin for shaving).

2.) Apply a light coating of Mango Blossom Moisturizer and always shave “with the grain /using short strokes”

3.) Rinse using warm, then cold water to close the pores

4.) Apply Floral Hydrosols to tone pores and refine complexion (if you suffer from razor burn or bumps apply May Blossom Toner to heal tissue damage)

5.) As a finishing note, apply a light coating of Mango Blossom Moisturizer to nourish and moisturize the facial skin.  Heaven I tell you; pure heaven.

Additional tips:  To preserve your razor blade, place razor in alcohol after the final rinse as water causes the blade to dull; do not shave the same area of your face numerous times as this will cause irritations; razor burn occurs when applying too much pressure to the face or shaving against the grain; and most significantly, if your man shaves with an electric razor throw it out!

A note to the ladies: although we don’t have beards, we have other areas that require shaving.  Numerous customers have stopped waxing due to using Mango Blossom Moisturizer while shaving.  Mango Blossom gives a close, smooth shave without leaving “bumps” and nourishes the skin. 

Enjoy …

Elise Muller, Proprietor / Artisan

Mountain Spirit Botanicals

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