The Glory Days of Summer

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Summer has always felt like freedom to me ~ going barefoot, soft cotton dresses, screen doors, fire-flies, cold mountain creeks, bar-b-q and Sweet Corn (and I trust that those living in cold winter climates summer also brings “yes Lord, I made it through”).  Well done lassies!  Now it’s time for soft, hydrated skin and sashays in summer dresses. To prepare for “soft cotton dresses” the following products exfoliate, hydrate and nourish the skin while leaving the skin with a sultry glow.  Indeed, we like sultry. I’ll be out of office during July (I’m going to jump in cold mountain creeks) so if you’d like to pamper yourself please place your order no later than June 24th as last shipments go out end of June and next shipments won’t be until late July.
I recommend the following products to get a summer’s glow & radiant skin
Note: although I don’t recommend sun bathing for extended periods of time, Sweet Coco Moisturizer is exceptional if you’re in the sun, sailing or swimming.  Although it contains minimal sunblock, it does nourish and hydrate the skin while outdoors and customers who enjoy sunbathing tell me "it provides a nice tan without burn or peeling".  Again, use at your discretion if sunbathing. And please remember to always, always sashay ... Warm regards and happy summer, Elise

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