The Miracles of Plant Medicine & Plant Based Skincare

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I recently had an accident while riding my bike which led to a deeper understanding of medicinal plants.  

Long story short: I swerved to miss someone, hit a glitch in the sidewalk and bounced against a tree with razor-like bark.  The bark sliced my arm so quickly and deeply that I had to get off my bike to cut my skirt and make a bandage.  Although my arm bled profusely, what particularly freaked me out was I could see inside of my arm ( I don’t like to see inside of my arm).  

I peddled home and washed the wound with Calendula Tincture (burned like hell) and the first poultice was Aloe, left on for an hour.  Next was the miracle plant “Comfrey” (Symphytum officinale) historically known as "knit bone" for its ability to knit back what has come apart.  I chewed the leaves to break down their cellular structure and applied the pulp to my arm, wrapped it securely (I could actually feel the skin tightening around the wound).  In less than 24/hours my wound closed and (thank you Lord) I could no longer see in my arm.  

At the time of the accident I was formulating Comfrey Facial Cream (pictured above) and applied its base infusion (roots and leaves) to my wound for the next few days and also applied the cream to areas that were bruised and discolored.  Now, 4 days later, all discoloration is gone, the wound is completely closed and new skin is forming over the deeper cuts.  

Do plants and plant based skincare heal?  You betcha! 

With gratitude to my Comfrey plant (yes, it relocated with me) and all that it has taught me over the years I’d like to offer a free gift with the first 10 orders for Comfrey Facial Cream. Hint?  I’m known for my gifts.

Comfrey Facial Cream has been custom formulated with pure botanicals known to heal tissue damage and is an excellent intervention for dry, sensitive complexions.  Along with its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, Comfrey stimulates blood circulation which firms the skin.  Oh my ...

Added note: “Comfrey (Knitbone) is vulnerary and demulcent, having unparalleled wound and fracture healing action.  Comfrey has been praised throughout history as a premier healing plant used extensively in folkloric Herbalism internally and externally for the repair of innumerable body wounds and illnesses”.  James Green “The Herbal Medicine Maker’s Handbook”.

Elise Muller, Proprietor / Artisan

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