There Is Only One You / Questions on "The Plant of Immortality"

I wanted to offer my response to the questions I've received since my previous post “The Plant of Immortality” but before I do I wanted to share a quote that reminds me each day of our uniqueness ...

There has never been another you and there never will be another you. You are coded with unique genius that only you can bring to the world”


The question I've most received “what other ways can I use Aloe Vera”?


Although there are numerous resources online I'll share my experience and how the following interventions have assisted my well-being. As to drinking Aloe Vera juice: the two ways I've done is either drinking the Whole Leaf Aloe Vera juice (recommended dose is between 1 and 8 ounces per day) or using fresh Aloe leaf from my garden. If you select the latter method, slice a small piece off the bottom of one leaf and place it in a glass of water and drink the Aloe infused water throughout the day and continue slicing a small section off the bottom each day and placing it in a fresh glass of water and continue doing so until the leaf is gone and then head out to your garden for a new leaf.  My personal preference is drinking Whole Leaf Aloe Vera found in my Health Food store. If you prefer using a fresh leaf from your garden the taste is quite bitter (bitter is good for cleansing the blood) and adding a squeeze of Lemon or Lime enhances the flavor. 


Using Aloe Vera topically: for this method I prefer the inner gel of fresh Aloe leaf from my garden. After cleansing my face with Lemon Twist Facial Polish (my favorite) I rinse off and follow with applying the fresh gel which penetrates and tightens my complexion. I allow the Aloe gel to dry and then I apply Mountain Rose Facial Oil as a finishing touch. The combination of pure plant nutrients leaves my complexion nourished and soft.  Here are the products that I use with Aloe


If you have other suggestions for using Aloe Vera please let us know in the comment section  so others may benefit from your experience.



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