'tis the season + something new

Holidays reflect human kindness, our ability to care and to give, count our blessings and to bestow kindness to others. In support of this holiday season all products will be discounted from December 6th to January 1st to thank you for your support and to make your gift giving both affordable and beautiful.   Mountain Spirit Botanicals enables me to support organic practices, family farms worldwide, ethical trade agreements and unquestionably, we each make a difference. Consumers now demand more plant based products, have become savvy on the devastating effects chemicals have on us and our resources and although we’re up against “Goliath”, I say good for us; we’re changing the world, one purchase and one “not purchase” at a time.   I’m not a fan of exploiting a holiday season or sending out numerous posts that scream “buy me” or “sale ends in x days” so I won’t be harassing you this holiday season; however, with that said (no bragging rights intended) I’m known for my gift packages. If there are elders, young ones and friends that you’d like me to prepare a special gift box for, just call to discuss details and I guarantee your loved ones will be pleased. Wholesale is also available with the purchase of 6 each of any product and in most cases at 50% discount of retail price. Customers have been utilizing wholesale ordering with friends who enjoy the same products making their purchase extremely affordable. Wholesale ordering is not available online and discounted pricing does not apply. If interested please call to place wholesale orders.   What’s new: The “Farmer’s Market” link on my website (http://mountain-spirit-botanicals.com/farmers-market/) and for local customers you don’t want to miss my weekly offerings. Selling out each Saturday are Rose Petal Tisane, Lavender Lemonade, Bread and Butter pickles, Caponata and this week I’ve prepared Pickled Okra. I understand food offerings may seem an odd addition to plant based skincare but I love to cook and my preserves are crafted in the same manner as my skincare formulas … blended over low flame and stirred with love. Although Farmer’s Market offerings are not yet available on website, they are available for shipments. Please call for price and shipping.  

   “Cooking salves is a holy task demanding concentration and devotion;

Harvest plants with gratitude and process carefully”

  Although I exhibit at numerous local plant, flower and garden shows in South Florida my main market is Legion Park (Biscayne Boulevard at 66th Street) each Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (large orders and special requests please have your order in a week in advance).


Thank you for appreciating Mountain Spirit Botanicals, heartfelt work that I count my blessings for


I wish you all a blessed, peaceful and happy season. Warm regards, Elise

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