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For those of us living in climates so cold that it hurts to go outside, we understand the expression "cabin fever".  As I have only two phobias (I can't do heights and I can't bear to have my windows & doors closed), the "windows and door thing" presents a problem for me.  A big problem.  I pace.  I talk to myself.  I pray.  (I tried Vodka but thankfully gave that up last winter).  So what does one do to entertain themselves during the long winter months?  Well for one, Mahalia Jackson is on the stereo.  As some of you know, I love to "rip and burn" and send you "cabin fever compilations".  (Blessings to Sue who has always, graciously, witnessed my fevers).  Mahalia's songs are on their way to you. Another way that I entertain myself during "cabin fever season" is to read up on old time remedies and experiment with all the wonderful Natural ingredients used to keep our hair, skin and spirits vital and glowing.  Taking time for personal ritual is a tender, beautiful rite to establish for ourselves.  Rituals nourish the spirit, ground a higher energy, and surround us with a peaceful feeling. My personal rituals, as well as my business ethics, involve nature.  Mountain Spirit Botanicals could not exist without Nature.  Ingredients, generously provided by Nature, should only be ethically cultivated & sourced as they provide "food for the skin" as well as enhance our overall well-being.  With that said, here are a few natural ingredients that will keep "winter skin" soft and lovely: Olive Oil: a powerful moisturizer that won't clog pores - use liberally wherever you feel dry or add to your bath water.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains the most skin-protecting anti-oxidants.  (Extra Virgin Olive Oil is used in my formulations ... most significantly, moisturizers and facial care) Honey: a natural antiseptic that heals and hydrates; inhibits infection; reduces inflammation.  Apply after cleansing as a facial (or body) mask ... you'll glow.  (Raw, unprocessed is best). This one's a doozey: I live in the mountains.  Back in the day, hunting, trapping & the curing / tanning of hides was a large industry in my region.  (Local "country folk" were so well known for curing leather that it was shipped down the Hudson River to "city folk" wanting fine leather garments & accessories).  During one of my "cabin fever moments" I was reading up on these old timers and discovered "they used Comfrey Root in the curing process to soften the leather".  Soften the leather?  As you can imagine, my Alchemist bells went off.  Old timers used "what was handy" - they knew how to hunt, trap, fish, cure & work with plant material growing abundantly in their region.  (Comfrey grows abundantly here - as a gardener I know that if you "plant one" next season you have three).  With all of this "softening leather" information and an abundant crop of Comfrey, I formulated "Comfrey Facial Cream".  I must say, the old timers knew their business.  Comfrey is a powerful ally for dry, sensitive skin ... blessings to the old timers. Sea Salt: opens the pores and discourages bacteria.  Use as a body scrub or add to your bath water ... soak for 20 minutes and imagine a far and distant Caribbean island. Apple Cider Vinegar: it's impossible to capture all the remedies this product offers ... it's wonderful on both skin and hair ... it invigorates and tones; restores natural acid balance; promotes healthy circulation; dissolves excess oil; eliminates dead skin cells and dandruff.  Apple Cider Vinegar supplies 19 of the required 22 minerals that our body needs to maintain good health.  Add 2 Tablespoons to a glass of water and drink each day; apply to the skin after cleansing or use as a (diluted) rinse after shampooing.  Cedar Hair Tonic is a crowd pleaser Baking Soda: I love Baking Soda.  It's all I use to clean my home ... inexpensive and incredibly effective.  (Wash your counters, sinks & fixtures with Baking Soda & you'll never use "Comet" again).  Baking Soda will also clean your skin - it absorbs oils; exfoliates; draws out toxins and tightens pores without drying the skin.  Add to your bath water or use as a facial scrub followed by "Aging Gracefully" or "Mountain Rose Facial Oil".  Oh my.  Side tip: If using Baking Soda to clean your home, after scrubbing and rinsing the soda off, follow with a quick wash using Murphy's Oil Soap - wipe off - the combination leaves the surfaces sparkling clean and the scent of Murphy's leaves the fixtures and room smelling fresh. Yogurt: encourages skin to produce moisture; helps restore proper pH balance.  Use as a facial mask after cleansing and you'll be soft, plump and lovely.  True story.

Dry Skin Brushing: one of the most effective remedies for sloughing off dead skin cells and increasing circulation (which tones the skin & muscles; increases the flow of fresh, oxygenated blood; eliminates toxins).  Dry brush your skin each day before showering and your skin will become soft, toned and radiant.  For particularly dry skin, "Sweet Coco Moisturizer" contains "just the right amount of Bee's Wax" to hydrate, soften and leave a sultry glow on the skin.

"To wash one's hair, make one's toilet, even if not a soul sees one These pleasures still produce an inner beauty" The Pillow Book ... 10th Century


Warm Winter blessings to all, Elise Muller, Proprietor / Artisan

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