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The cold winter months + indoor heating are especially drying to our skin.  Although we’re currently bundled under layers of clothing and rarely see much of our skin, this season provides an excellent opportunity to take extra special care of ourselves.  As our skin is the largest organ (and absorbs deeply) it’s important to use only pure, natural ingredients which provide essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to keep our skin glowing and to maintain our overall good health. Before sharing a few “skin tips” I suggest making a “check list” of your diet to ensure that you’re getting enough vitamins, minerals & essential fatty acids (“Know Your Nutrition” by Linda Clark is an excellent reference book).  Without good nutrition, our skin is usually the first indicator that “something is off”. Dietary Suggestions: Getting enough essential fatty acids is important (our body does not produce them; we have to receive them from our diet or from supplements).  Although Mountain Spirit products are loaded with essential fatty acids & your skin will absorb these nutrients, I also suggest taking Fish oils (my personal favorite {Omega-3} is “Purified Fish Oil” produced by Nordic Botanicals) – it’s a wonderful source and the purity is excellent. If you work indoors / under fluorescent lighting, this depletes vitamin A (a few signs of this deficiency are dry skin, whiteheads, excess wrinkles, and rigid nails) - Fish oils are also an excellent source of vitamin A.  The B vitamins are beneficial and (broadly speaking) are found in grains, raw foods, Brewer’s yeast, liver, etc.  There are chapters written on the numerous B vitamins; I suggest researching which B is most suited for your health and make sure, especially during winter months that you’re getting enough. Side note: People living in cold, winter climates often “get the blues” during winter months (“these blues” are now called “seasonal disorder”).  At first I thought folks were kidding me, but low and behold, it’s an actual condition that sets in over the winter months.  If you become “bluesy” often, there’s a good chance you may need more B vitamins in your diet.

Skin Tips

The skin is a cleansing organ that excretes an estimated one pound of waste daily - if it loses the ability to eliminate that waste, the pores become blocked.  This interferes with the nourishment & oxidation of skin cells, slowing regeneration & contributing to premature aging.  For soft, healthy skin I recommend: Dry Skin Brushing: one of the most effective means of eliminating dead skin cells & encouraging the formation of new, supple skin cells. Dry skin brushing creates circulation, breaks down cellulite, and tones the muscles and skin. If you develop the practice of “dry brushing the skin” each day before showering, your skin will glow and you will feel more energized. Bathing: once or twice per week experiment with a luxurious “milk bath” by adding one pint of Heavy Cream to your bath water and discover how your skin becomes “creamy soft” and nourished.  Another great bath (and one that provides minerals) is a “salt bath” - add two large handfuls of good quality Sea salt to your bath and soak until the water cools. (A salt bath releases toxins, relaxes the muscles … all while you’re absorbing minerals). Facial Steaming: during the winter months our face is exposed to harsh elements. Facial steaming is an excellent means in which to receive the healing qualities of plant material.  “While steaming” you are promoting the flow of fresh oxygenated blood, toning muscles that support the skin, eliminating toxins, and tightening the pores and skin.  As an added luxury, facial steams may be followed with a “honey mask” (Honey also hydrates the skin) … leave on for 10 minutes and rinse off, follow with Mountain Rose Facial Oil and you’ll be “swatting the Bee’s away” your skin will be so lovely. Last note: Stick with your exercise program to keep fresh, oxygenated blood flowing, eliminate toxic build-up, tone muscles (remember, muscles support the skin). Recommended products: “Floral Steam” “Sweet Coco Moisturizer” “Celtic Sea Salt” and your locally harvested Honey Happy winter / stay warm and cozy Elise Muller, Proprietor / Artisan Mountain Spirit Botanicals

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