Lemongrass Facial Polish

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Gently and efficiently, this revitalizing formula removes the accumulation of dead skin cells, refines the pores and brightens and polishes the complexion.  The combination of pure botanical nutrients (essential fatty acids, vitamins & minerals) and the exfoliating properties of organic sugar bestow a soft, radiant complexion.  Beneficial for all skin types and daily use recommended ...  4/ounce.  Please note: this formula is offered in an Amber container; I used a clear container to photograph to reveal the formulas authentic, beautiful texture.

100% Plant Based   /  Organic Ingredients

Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Raw Cane Sugar; Unrefined Coconut Oil; Shea Nut Butter; Unrefined Avocado Oil & Wheat Germ Oil and a proprietary blend of pure essential oils

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